Financing the Work of the Lucis Trust

The Lucis Trust was created in 1922 to serve as the legal and financial agent for a number of world service activities, including the Arcane School, the Lucis Publishing Companies, the Beacon magazine, Triangles, and the various activities of World Goodwill: pamphlet and Invocation distribution and World Goodwill publications. The Trust also manages the revolving Tibetan Book Fund for the perpetuation of the teachings of the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul and Alice A. Bailey.

The Lucis Trust, in common with all similar serving groups, is dependent upon voluntary donations and special gifts and legacies. We have no other income to support and expand our work in the world. From its inception, the work has developed on the principle that spiritual truth must be freely given and shared because no material value can be placed on it, and because no one should be deprived or denied for lack of money. Therefore, the extensive training offered by the Arcane School, our conferences, seminars, monthly meditation meetings, as well as our distribution of pamphlets throughout the world in many languages, are all undertaken on a donation basis. This also includes regular gifts of the books of Alice Bailey to groups and individuals in nations where they are not easily available due to economic and other factors.

At the same time, however, no spiritual work of any sort, no single aspect of world service, can function without money. And one of the basic problems and needs in spiritual work, experienced by all servers, is financial. It is the crux of the problem. The new group of world servers - a subjectively linked group of people drawn from all fields of human endeavour - "needs money in large quantities", the Tibetan has said, and millions are needed to help prepare human consciousness for the coming externalisation of the spiritual Hierarchy. The problem is made more difficult because these servers are so often engaged in pioneering, ground-breaking tasks which evade recognition and thereby fail to evoke adequate support; and partly because their work frequently runs counter to the entrenched, reactionary attitudes of mind and old age values which hold humanity imprisoned in the status quo of materialism, selfishness and separateness. The introduction of change, of new ways of responding to the opportunities provided by a growing awareness of human unity, meets inevitable resistance. And disciples are often hard pressed to maintain their work even at minimum levels.

As we face a "crisis of opportunity" with new areas of work developing and increased demands for financial resources, we are confident that all people of goodwill associated with the work of the new group of world servers will wish to cooperate with and contribute to this work, or to whatever form of spiritual activity evokes one's recognition and whole-hearted support. We have been asked by the Tibetan Master to "meet all needs as they arise", and in doing so we must often anticipate the money that should flow back after the work has been done. Without large and permanent trust or endowment funds, the money needed must flow as a result of the right direction and the right circulation of the energy of money based on right spiritual intention. That the work has expanded to its present worldwide dimensions during the more than 75 years of its life is a tribute to those who have accepted responsibility for it - financially and in cooperative action - over the years.

It's said that the "principle of sharing" will govern the coming civilisation. Money, or concretised energy, is presently largely concentrated in the hands of the few. But, through the concerted efforts of a worldwide group, money can begin to be re-directed along spiritual lines and towards the meeting of human need.

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Financing Hierarchical Work

A summary of ideas from the writings of Alice Bailey on money as a potential agent for the divine Plan.

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