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World Goodwill Literature on-line

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An Affirmation of Goodwill

AN AFFIRMATION OF GOODWILL: A Formula for World Peace and Progress

We, the people of goodwill, affirm our intention to practice goodwill in ...

A Programme for Men and Women of Goodwill

Confronted with massed political and economic power and conditions which seem out of their control, people of goodwill ask themselves, “What can one person do ?” The fact is that the mobilised and focused power of goodwill demonstrating in the individual lives of millions of men and women can and will alter the course of world affairs.

Goodwill is an energy which, when activated in the individual, manifests as a practical way of life. It is not an impractical sentiment or ideal. Goodwill is love in action.

The Energy of Goodwill

Goodwill is humanity’s first attempt to express the love of God, for goodwill is the lowest expression of true love and the one most easily understood. It is time that people should, temporarily at least, stop talking about love, about loving their fellowmen, and about the use of love in solving problems, and talk instead upon a lower and more practical level – that of goodwill. To many the use of the word love in matters of group and national relationships is meaningless. But goodwill still retains significance and can be understood by all. Goodwill is both an attitude and a harmonising energy. Goodwill is love in action.

Techniques of Goodwill

Many people, concerned at trends in world affairs, are anxious to find new ways of helping to solve world problems. They wish to work in new and practical ways, but very often they do not know where to start or what to do.

Valeurs d ’aujourd'hui

La destinée des hommes et des nations est déterminée par les valeurs qui gouvernent leurs décisions.

The New Group of World Servers

Working in all the main fields of human activity and in all countries everywhere in the world, the New Group of World Servers acts as a synthesising factor within humanity and lays the foundations for right human relations and ultimate world unity.

Education in the New Age

Education has become of major importance today in all parts of the world. The requirements of education under modem conditions of international relationships and in the light of an emerging new civilisation, are occupying the attention not only of those countries now providing education for the masses of their peoples for the first time in history, but also of countries where a form of compulsory education has been in existence for some time. What should be the principles and purposes underlying new educational techniques? What should these techniques be?

In this pamphlet certain ideas and concepts fundamental to education in all its aspects, and in the many different circumstances of the modern world, are presented.

International Unity

The key to humanity's trouble has been to take and not to give, to accept and not share, to grasp and not to distribute. This is contrary to all accepted standards of behaviour in an increasingly interdependent world.

La Méditation d'Aujourd'hui

Il existe de nombreuses méthodes de méditation qui sont pratiquées de nos jours. Chaque méthode a son but et sa valeur spécifique.

The Coming One

When people feel that they have exhausted all their own resources and have come to an end of all their own innate possibilities and that the problems and conditions confronting them are beyond their solving or handling, they are apt to look for a divine Intermediary and for the Mediator Who will plead their cause with God and bring about a rescue. They look for a Saviour. This doctrine of Mediators, of Messiahs, of Christs and of Avatars can be found running like a golden thread through all the world faiths and Scriptures and, relating these world Scriptures to some central source of emanation, they are found in rich abundance everywhere. Even the human soul is regarded as an intermediary between man and God; Christ is believed by countless millions to act as the divine mediator between humanity and divinity.

The New World Religion

The truly religious spirit is more fundamentally alive today than at any previous time. Everywhere people are ready for the light and expectant of a new revelation.
Only great and fundamental principles of living can really meet mankind's need. Religion in the new age must be based on truths which are universally accepted.

The Spiritual Hierarchy

The outstanding and dramatic feature of hierarchical action in the present era is the preparation now under way in the Hierarchy for its return to outer plane activity. It is important, therefore, that more people know about the fact of the Hierarchy and about what sort of men the Masters of the Wisdom really are.

The Work of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Planet

The outstanding and dramatic feature of hierarchical action in the present era is the preparation now under way in the Hierarchy for its return to outer plane activity. It is important, therefore, that more people know about the fact of the Hierarchy and about what sort of people the Masters of the Wisdom really are.

Financing Hierarchical Work

A summary of ideas from the writings of Alice Bailey on money as a potential agent for the divine Plan.

Droits de l'homme et justes relations humaines

La puissante note-clé de la liberté au sein de notre ère moderne a été concrétisée par la révolution, le rejet de l'orthodoxie, le besoin pressant de changement, l'expérimentation et l'expérience directe, mais par dessus tout par la lutte de l'être humain pour les droits de l'homme.

The Challenge of International Unity

Unity and right human relations individual, communal, national and international can be brought about by the united action of the men and women of goodwill in every country.