Spring 2011 Message from Lucis Trust

Dear friend,

Unity is a demand that is reverberating throughout the world at this time, but the steps towards its realisation are slow and painstaking. In spite of this, the Ageless Wisdom assures us that the essential synthesis of our planetary life means that unity will in time characterise relationships within the diversity of the human race. This is not simply a wishful hope, a dream, but an occult fact.

The aspiration for a renewal of relationships between individuals, groups and nations is a forerunner of the group spirit – what many call "brotherhood" – which will characterise relationships between individuals and groups in the coming era, and express as internationalism based on goodwill between nations. In fact, when we realise that the soul is present in every atom in every form in every kingdom in nature and that it is the basis of brotherhood, of absolute unity and of universal synthesis, the wonder is that it has taken humanity so long to even aspire towards unity. The pull of the urge to separation, to the affirmation of the personal separated self, cannot be gainsaid. Nevertheless, the powerful forces of synthesis now beginning to pour into the world through the seventh ray are producing increasingly noticeable effects.

The "new age" has a connotation in some human minds of an ungrounded, free-wheeling approach to living characterised by an attitude that "the rules don’t apply". True, the crystallised restrictions and binding mores of the old age no longer dominate most human thinking, but the timeless rules of the soul do and always will apply to the spiritual seeker. The sincere aspirant to discipleship knows all too well that there is no evading the law on the way of spiritual evolution. This is a lesson which the inpouring energies of the new age are bringing to human recognition, for the energy which will govern the new age is the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Law or Order. This is the impulse behind the increasing demand for the rule of law which is becoming increasingly evident in societies everywhere. It may also lie behind the urge of fundamentalists in all fields to impose their own sets of laws and rules on the larger society and, in so doing, widening any existing cleavages between peoples.

Rules govern group relationships on every level from the mundane to the most spiritual, and the books of Alice A. Bailey are replete with them. There are the Rules for Disciples in A Treatise on White Magic, the Rules for Aspirants in Initiation, Human and Solar, and the Rules for Disciples and Initiates in The Rays and the Initiations, Volume V of A Treatise on the Seven Rays. Then there are the timeless Rules of the Road discussed in Glamour, A World Problem. All of these rules are intended to set the parameters of group work, to elevate it to its highest level as the collaboration of souls.

The three spiritual Festivals observed each year are the prime opportunity to demonstrate our understanding of group work as it is defined by six fundamental laws and principles:

  1. The Law of Right Human Relations.
  2. The Principle of Goodwill.
  3. The Law of Group Endeavour.
  4. The Principle of Unanimity.
  5. The Law of Spiritual Approach.
  6. The Principle of Essential Divinity.

Increasingly we are witnessing the fulfilment of the prophecy that the three Festivals will be kept simultaneously by groups throughout the world, generating a united and unanimous spiritual Approach to the Hierarchy and thus demonstrating the great spiritual Law of Attraction – that "like attracts like", that the divinity within every human heart endows the capacity to respond to the Divine, to God, to Deity. And the three spiritual Festivals culminate with the Festival of Goodwill and the united invocation of humanity on World Invocation Day for right human relations..

The "spirit of relationship" will be the keynote of the Arcane School conference this year: Let the will-to-love fire the entire world with the "spirit of relationship". The dates of the conference, as well as the three spiritual Festivals meetings in the three headquarters centres of New York, Geneva and London, are as follows:

  • Easter Festival (Aries full moon) – April 17
  • Conference in New York – May 14-15
  • Wesak Festival (Taurus full moon) – May 16
  • Conference in Geneva – June 4-5
  • Conference in London – June 11-12
  • Festival of Goodwill (Gemini full moon) – June 14 (New York), June 15 (London and Geneva)
  • Worldwide obversance of World Invocation Day - June 15

You and your friends are warmly invited to attend these meetings. If you cannot be present in person and want to plan Festival meetings in your area, we would be pleased to provide you with suggestions for doing so. You can visit our website at http://www.lucistrust.org/service_activities/start_a_group or return the enclosed order form for further information. And if you would like to know if there are groups in your area, you can check our website at http://www.lucistrust.org/service_activities/worldwide_network or write or telephone headquarters.

"The time is coming when all three festivals will be kept simultaneously throughout the world", Alice Bailey wrote, "and by their means a great spiritual unity will be achieved and the effects of the great Approach so close to us at this time will be stabilised by the united invocation of humanity throughout the planet." Each of us can contribute to this unity by collaborating in the coming opportunity.

United with you in shared service,