I Stand and Wait

Printed in The Beacon, August 1949 and November 2001

I stand and wait, the One Who loves all men and things.
I stand and waitwith mind upon the Will of God
And heart wrapt up in love of all mankind.
Around me also wait the many sons of men
Who, aeon after aeon, have found the hard and thorny Way
Which leads into the Presence of the One Who ever holds the Light.
They know the hour has come,
But wait the rising call which, day by day, is gathering force
Out of humanity's distress, men's need and agony.

Attentive also to another rising call, the Centre where the Will of God is known
Also awaits a summons from the Christ and His united Servers, the Forces of the Light.
The planet stands arrayed watching and waiting for the crisis point of men.

The hour has struck! Each year, at My Full Moon, a note sounds forth
And rings around the earth, meeting response from those who know Me well
The One they serve in self-forgetfulness, with confidence and with surety in the Plan.

To them goes forth the message from Myself,
Not from a Master, but from the One Who in wisdom and in love presides
Over the Plans of Hierarchy and the work of those who love their fellowmen.

I say: Keep close in touch with Me and with the Master who surveys your life.
With Us are found the forces of the living Light and Love which you must use.
Keep close to us, and day by day draw on the strength
And knowledge which We have and which is also yours.
Let naught disturb the acquiescent calm which keeps you close in touch,
Which brings you light and understanding
And keeps you steadfast on the Way.

We know that you are there, serving and struggling,
learning how to work, and dealing with the plans which will prepare My Way.
Knowledge will come of how to work and where to find the men
Whose hallmark of divinity is clearly seen in the way they love their fellowmen.
They are the ones we need, and they are the ones who can prepare My Way.
Keep close to men, and see within mankind
The working of the Plan which will bring Us to the outer realm of life.
I stand in readiness, and so do Those Who love and serve the Plan.
They stand with Me in ordered ranks, waiting the call to come.

Say to mankind: The time is ripe; the hour has come; the Christ is on His Way.
Nearer He comes, and Those Who walk that Way with Him
Have lived and suffered, and have left behind that which you now endure.
But, We have NOT left the sons of men behind;
We now return to bring to you light and life and peace
A peace which now can be, because goodwill is largely mankind's inner urge.
Thus will be brought full glory to the Greatest One
Whom I and you and all men serve--e'en though they know it not.

The Path which I must tread to reach your place
Is one of Light; its quality goodwill, and it is almost ready for My feet.
Work on. Failure is not for you. I COME.

Thoughts on the Reappearance of the Christ

By Alice A. Bailey, June 1949