Sharing Group Thought

Every year we are pleased to feature in the Bulletin a selection of thoughts on Triangles that we receive from co-workers around the world.

While there is much beauty and symbolism in the work we do as Triangles participants, it is the Purpose of bridging and building an energized network of mental and spiritual unity that is so urgently needed. Humanity very much needs this work to sow the seeds of unity – visualizing lighted Triangles in bridging cleavages among Humanity and building connections of pure energy to better balance spiritual energy and redeem the material emphasis of our planet. Thanks to all who assist in restoring the spiritual balance. The need is great and the hour is now. All who invoke Light, Love, and Will-to-Good on behalf of mankind in both our meditations and our daily thoughts are serving at the highest causal level.


Thinking about how the work of Triangles is serving humanity the following three areas stand out:

1). Purification of the planetary aura leading to the relief and gradual eradication of world pain.
2). Anchoring the meaning of the Great Invocation into planetary consciousness of which we are all connected.
3). Strengthening the planetary antahkarana – the bridge of light, consciousness and love, ensuring the reappearance of the Christ.


The role of Triangles makes me aware – every day – that we are world servers. The world starts close by – at home and at work, with friends and with those I meet. Gradually, in these contacts, I find the purpose for humanity as a whole, that we all have the same need and capacity for freedom and love.


Over the aeons, the Triangle has always been symbolic. The Holy Trinity is a solid spiritual foundation.

Triangles is a generator of energy, a reservoir of light. Surely the network of light will continue transforming the planet and bring about a better abode for us all.


Divine energies pass through the network of Triangles, like our sun shines on the earth through the atmosphere. The network is the atmosphere, which protects and supports our inner nature on earth; it disperses spiritual energies enabling all peoples to contact these energies for constructive use. The brighter the network the better the atmosphere.


Triangles is a world service activity in which people link in thought in groups of three to create a planetary network of Triangles of light and goodwill. Using a world prayer, the Great Invocation, they invoke light and love as a service to humanity. Further information is available on request from Triangles. The Triangles Bulletin is for men and women of goodwill and is published four times a year in Czech, Dutch, English, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. Triangles is an activity of the Lucis Trust, a non-profit educational charity which exists to promote right human relations.