April—June 2009

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"Let Recognition be the Aim" —Editorial
What is the opportunity for group service in such a moment? An interlude, as we know, need not be simply an empty space or a lull spent waiting—for “something”. The spiritual power of an interlude can serve as a preparatory period in which stabilisation, assimilation, and recognition are attainable. If silence and poised, attentive listening can be maintained during such an interlude, a kind of stock-taking becomes possible.

The Cooperation of the Buddha and the Christ—Djwhal Khul

Wesak During a Time of Crisis: An Opportunity to Restore Balance—Sarah McKechnie
The prevailing sense that "life is dukka", out of alignment, was the source of a powerful crisis that made the Axial Age pivotal in human evolution. Now, 2500 years later, we are again living in a time when life seems "dukka"—out of balance, as if we’ve lost our centre. And we have, in as much as we human beings live more for self-fulfillment and less and less for the common good, the good of the whole.

Occultism, Buddhism, and the No-Soul Doctrine – Part II—Leoni Hodgson

…this no-soul aspect of the Buddhist teachings seems to have been intended primarily for beginners to the Path, and a ploy to help them bypass religious dogmatism, and keep them concentrating on their spiritual disciplines. For the more advanced, for those ready for the esoteric approach, the Mahayana teachings were given out, and in the Nirvana Sutra, Self, Atman (and his parent Paramatman), are restored—to their rightful position, the occultist would say.

The Esoteric in Art – Part II—Daisy Grove

A new mystical and symbolic art will emerge, inspired by a deeper intuitive feeling, a collective enlargement of spiritual experience. The cosmic sense, now dawning on humanity, will fashion for itself a symbolism and a graphic idiom adequate to its expanded vision. It may be that in this endeavor, East and West will meet.

The Power of Goodwill—Ricardo N. Gangarossa

Like wisdom, goodwill takes perception to understand and active use to know its power.

Relating the World Crisis to a Personal Crisis—A Student

Can my own personal crisis be related to the world crisis?…In a sense we are born in a specific time in a synchronistic way, in many respects reflecting the events of the macrocosm in ourselves.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - A Forerunner of Harmony and Wisdom—Viveca Servatius

Esoterically, beyond what has already been said, it is possible to discern levels of meditation and contemplation, as if the tones were echoes of what is often called the harmonies of the spheres.

Esoteric Training and Psychic Unfoldment—A Student

The more we understand the released energy and information and make wise use of them, the more additional energy and information are being released to us.

Only One Humanity—Shirley Teper

A Wesak Poem—A Student


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