July—September 2009

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The Urge To Share - Editorial
The key to unlocking the capacity to share may be found in the words "touch my heart", not for emotional reasons but because the heart is the seat of the life principle. The urge to share is bound up in the recognition that every aspect of manifested life in every kingdom in nature is bound to every other aspect through the planetary etheric body. All forms of every degree share in the same vast circulation of life-energy that substands all that is.

A Foundation For Esoteric Study - Djwhal Khul
This will necessarily involve a pledging of the entire personality to the helping of humanity, and the promise to the Higher Self that endeavour will be made to lose sight of self in service—a service to be rendered in the place and under the circumstances which a man’s destiny and duty have imposed upon him.

Capital, Labour And Employment, Part I - Levin A. Diatschenko
Another reminder of this relationship is the staff, in the fact that the head of an organization has a staff of people working under him (under his purpose). The further away from its universality the rod grows, the less visible it becomes. First there are simple modifications, such as having a pick on the end. Eventually, however, the shovel becomes a front-end loader, or a bobcat. They are still operated with the hands, but the simplicity of the straight line is lost in the details. The pen becomes the computer keyboard.

The Fast Path - J. S. Bakula
The disadvantage of trying to jump to the end from the beginning is well known. This is why the education system is gradational as primary, secondary, college and graduate schools. Amaturation of personality proceeds along with integration, cognitive development, and refinement of knowledge. Another good example is sports, such as teaching skiing. Some try to jump to parallel skiing right from the start, instead of taking the slower and safer path of snowplowing, stem turn, stem christi and only then the advanced classes of parallel and short swing.

The Study of Symbolism - Alice A. Bailey
All objective forms as found in the four kingdoms of nature. These are all of them, without exception, the outer and material mediums of expressions of the manifold energies and potencies which in their aggregate form the body of manifestation of the creating Agent of the world. With this first category of forms and symbols science is concerning itself and learning much of the mechanics and the nature of the material world. When the concept of an anthropomorphic Deity has given place to that of a God immanent in His Creation, then a wide and general understanding of symbolism will supersede the present ignorance. Then all our present lines of investigation, all our scientific and laboratory work, as well as all our various branches of education will form a part of the major Science of Symbolism.

The Energy of Love - Iván Kovács
Sometimes, in much rarer cases, the first consciously realised contact might have all the impact and intensity of a hammer blow, whereby the aspirant might experience the full impact and energy of the soul, transporting him to a level which he often finds difficult to describe with words, but which he nevertheless labels with phrases like "boundless love", "powerful but beneficent energy in its purest form", or any other phrase that might come to mind to describe his wonder and awe.

Building Right Relationships - ChuckChiverton
The willingness of nations to participate in dialogue and communication through cooperative effort is a major step in establishing understanding. Just as equally important is the need for education on the nature and function of relationships and pro-social behaviours. Relationships are necessary to help people develop empathy and compassion towards their fellow beings, which will lead to a transformation of attitudes from self to other-centredness.

Louis i. Kahn, Architect In Light - Davina Rubin
Kahn often spoke of light, silence and order as three of the major elements of architecture. He used the word Silence for the immeasurable, for that which is not yet; Light stood for the measurable, that which is. Architecture to Kahn was the bridge, or threshold, between matter and light. In a lecture given at the Pratt Institute in 1973, Kahn discussed humanity’s unending search for the immeasurable.

An Occult Input into the Bode-Titius Rule for Planetary Orbits - Robert G.Waggener
From the occult viewpoint, it is conceivable to postulate that ultimately with the passage of time, all of the planets in our Solar System will approach their Bode-Titius number in an exact manner.


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