January—March 2010


Holding the Vision in a Time of Decision — Editorial
Humanity is starved for a vision that can inspire and uplift, and this has always been so, for as Proverbs 29:18 tells us, where there is no vision, the people perish. But the initial enthusiasm with which humanity might respond to an inspiring vision can become deflated over the passage of time if the expected results don't materialise quickly.

The State of the World's Health as Seen by a Master — Djwhal Khul
When the work of the doctor and the surgeon in relation to the physical body is recognised as essential and good, when the analysis and conclusions of the psychologist supplement their work, and when the power of right thought comes likewise as an aid, then and only then, shall we enter upon a new era of well-being.

The Externalising Pattern of Things — Laurence Newey
On a world-wide scale, as will, love and abstract intelligence start to characterise humanity's thinking, the geometry of the etheric web of the planet will change from a pattern of squares to a pattern of triangles, reflecting these three higher forces inherent in the human being. In the next solar system these will change again to become a pattern of overlapping circles similar to the way in which the sun's etheric web is presently constructed.

Intentional Universes — A Student
Creative thought occurs when there is ongoing interaction between the higher and lower mind; creative feeling takes place when there is focussed flow between the buddhic and emotional planes. The spiritual Triad reflects creative thought at the higher mind level, creative feeling at the buddhic level for both to be magnetically held in tension by the will at the atmic level.

Fate and Destiny — Dane Rudhyar
The future belongs to the individuals who make it. Back of these individuals is the past of the whole universe: viz., fate or karma. In front of each individual is that individual's destiny or dharma: his future, which he may fulfill or leave undone.

An Esoteric View of Pop Culture and Celebrity — Allison First
In the simplicity and egalitarian nature of pop culture, perhaps we are moving towards a healthy breaking down of formality and pretension. The predominance of pop culture may be a useful phase in breaking down barriers and separateness.

Centring and Points of TensionCyrus Ryan
The term "centring" or being "centred" is frequently used by seekers on spiritual paths. The Tibetan Master D.K. uses the term "points of tension" in the esoteric sense. What does it mean to be "centred" or to maintain a "point of tension"?

Sir Alexander Fleming—Forerunner — Jacqueline Ferguson
We do not work alone and it is not the work of just one individual who causes the growth of human consciousness, but we all work in group service, even if it is, at times, through individual efforts.

Big Bang and Quantum Theory — J. S. Gordon
Whilst Big Bang protagonists have stated quite categorically that their phenomenon caused the literal beginning of Time, quantum theorists have now come up with the idea that Time, per se, always existed.

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