January—March 2012

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The Creative Power of Cycles — Editorial
The ebb and flow of cycles, which was innately understood by the ancient Mayans, is a directing power with which all disciples must learn to work. It governs not only the expenditure of physical-etheric force but also of mental energy, and operates according to laws quite different than those that seem to dominate the present times of "hyper-communication" and time increments measured in "nano-seconds".

The Occult Significance of Speech — Djwhal Khul

Reflecting on White and Black Magic — Judy Jacka
In the case of the white magician [the] points of heart and heart in head point the way to the soul. Soul and heart energy is the transmitting agency for the building forces.

The L-U-X "Symbol"- According to Geometric Speculation, Part I — Simon Bialobroda
Sacred Geometry applies to intuitive sensibilities and becomes the pattern out of which the symbols, glyphs and hieroglyphic ciphers of the soul materialise.

Winston S. Churchill - A Man of Destiny — Derek Fraser
Churchill demonstrated many qualities of the will—tremendous energy, dynamic one-pointedness, determination, decisiveness, courage, daring, organizational ability and a longing for power and authority which culminated in a crescendo of energy and tension during his war premiership in furtherance of the Plan.

Intensifying Soul in Matter — Caroline Fisher
As we know, it’s not really the form that keeps us prisoner. The prison guard is only your consciousness dangling the keys before our veiled eyes. While we're immersed in the illusion of separateness, not realising the relationships of light and love that connects us all, we’re imprisoned by our thoughts, words and actions. How then are we to overcome this illusion so that we can release the prisoners?

Evolution — Elizabeth Holland
The urge of the life which is contained in the atom is the Divine Spark ever reaching toward the perfection from which it came. This urge produces a state of unceasing activity, of change, of becoming step by step. The change is so gradually progressive that it is not noticed until it becomes sufficient to impose a new attitude in, or direction to, one’s life.

The Luminous Path of the Heart — A Student
The Heart, both esoteric and exoteric, is a centre for the exchange of living energy and the balancing of all the complex relationships that derive from the setting in motion of this energy. In its essence, the heart centre is dynamic. It pulsates with the beauty that is the subtle essence of all living things and their proper relationships to other living things.

Eight Rules for the Prevention of Gossip — A. R. Weaver
Remember hurting another also weakens us. It is said that one who kills makes thereby a wound in his own astral body that will manifest at some period. When we degrade another by that act we degrade our own emotions and also naively proclaim that moral degradation.


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