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The books of Alice A. Bailey,

written in cooperation with a Tibetan teacher between 1919-1949, constitute a continuation of the Ageless Wisdom--a body of esoteric teaching handed down from ancient times in a form which is always suitable to each period.

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All the titles by Alice A. Bailey are now available as e-books. The Lucis Publishing Companies' e-books are distinctive with blue covers and the LUX symbol. A complete index is included as in the printed books, with original page references.

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New Audiobook: The Rays and the Initiations
is now available as an MP3 CD.

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Books on-line

The Twenty-four books of Esoteric Philosophy by Alice A. Bailey

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CD-ROM, Audiobooks, Videos

CD-ROM of the 24 Books of Esoteric Philosophy by Alice A Bailey

Audiobooks - Selected titles available

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Other Authors

Foster Bailey :: Mary Bailey :: Natalie Banks

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Regional Distributors

Purchase the Books of Alice A. Bailey in Australian, New Zealand or South African currency

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The Beacon magazine

The Beacon magazineThe BEACON is a magazine of esoteric philosophy, presenting the principles of the Ageless Wisdom as a contemporary way of life.

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The Lucis Publishing Companies are the sole publishers in English of the books of Alice Bailey

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Almost all books by Alice Bailey are available in 12 languages and a selection of titles titles are available in further languages. There are distributors for the books in English in South Africa and India and a major retailer in Australia.

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