January-March 2007


Freedom from the Past — Editorial

As we enter into a new calendar year, a useful exercise might be to identify the single most significant gain to the life of the soul contributed by the mental, emotional, and etheric-physical bodies in the past year and then declare our intention to "put to combust" all that is past. "Forgetting the things which lie behind", unburdened by the weight of the past, we can then "strive towards our higher spiritual possibilities" with faith in the power of the soul to redeem, renew and replenish.

The Law of Perfection: Perfect Harmlessness — Djwhal Khul

The Great Invocation as Etheric Form — Gay Witherington

The form/shape of the Great Invocation can be visualised as a three-dimensional, eight-sided octahedron or diamond. It contains within its solid shape the plane shapes of the square, the cross and the triangle. One can also include the point, the line, the circle and the sphere by thinking of the central point at the heart of the octahedron as radiating a sphere of brilliant white light throughout the whole.

Meeting the Dweller—In the World and in Ourselves — Dale McKechnie

It is said that the Dweller on the Threshold stands ready at all times to avail himself of the weaknesses to which one is prone. We often find this happening to people who hold positions of power—political power or corporate power especially and even religious power.

Personalities and Authority — The Tibetan Teacher

One of the most dangerous thoughtforms standing in the way of a man's liberation is the thoughtform of authority. Provided that it can be claimed by anyone or any group that one of the Masters has said something, or demanded some action, then—willingly and gladly—will a man obey. But an obedience of that kind is disastrous in its effects and is of no aid to the one who offers it.

Leo Aquarius: The Recognition of Relation — Sarah McKechnie

The theme or "leitmotif" of Leo is freedom and sensitivity, while that of Aquarius is recognition of relation. The interaction of their polarity produces the server who consciously, in complete freedom, accepts responsibility to serve a goal held in common—a goal perceived through recognition of relation. This capacity to identify with something or someone outside the separated self begins with and depends upon the development in Leo of the sense of the self.

Christ Versus Antichrist: What Part do They Play and How do They Go Hand in Hand? — Susan MacNeil

The dark forces are against the will-to-good and lean towards greed, coercion, division, breeding hate, economic instability and prejudice. There seems to be a distinguishing feature between the dark forces and the Antichrist.

Polarity, Magnetism and the Astral Light — J. S. Gordon

The whole process of our creative thinking involves a sequence in which memory acts as a foundation for imagination to "play" with. Imagination cannot function without this material base, any more than a germ can manifest without a culture being provided as a vehicle for it. The paradox is that if Universal Consciousness always existed, so must Universal Memory.

Thoughts on the Causes of Violence and its Resolution — Judy Jacka

It is interesting to reflect on how a violent process can unfold in certain human disease patterns when we consider autoimmune disorders. These self-destructive or violent processes within the body are on the increase and include disorders such as ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, scleroderma, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. In each case, destructive anti-bodies destroy body tissue.

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