July-September 2007


Unity in the World of the Unseen and Intangible—Editorial

As we ponder on the contrasting influences of the sixth ray, with its capacity for abstraction, and the seventh ray, which brings spiritual energy into contact with substance and thus with matter, the question arises: Has the time come when religion, with its natural emphasis on aspiration towards the divine. is increasingly superseded by science, which seeks to identify the laws and principles that govern the realm of manifestation?

Death as a Function of the Law of Attraction—Djwhal Khul

The Gayatri: Its Relevance in the 21st Century—Muriel E. Powlett

The centre of a black hole is called "the singularity". This is an interesting term from an esoteric standpoint….Could this centre of great light and energy also be a symbol of the spiritual reality mentioned in the Gayatri?

The Significance of the Spleen Centre—Judy Jacka

Surface radiation on the planet demonstrates after distribution as planetary prana. This is considered to be in parallel to the organ of pranic reception in the human—the spleen—where after distribution over the whole etheric body there is surface radiation known as the health aura. As above, so below.

An Experiment Proving the Existence of the Ether—J. S. Gordon

The Ancients stated quite unequivocally that there was no such thing as a vacuum; that the primordial aether filled all Space—in fact, it was Space.

Ozone and Us—Foster Bailey

Ozone, like water, is a stable element and has not changed its chemical make-up or its effects on other elements or on human life for millions of years, which brings home to us the fact that human life is dependent on stability in nature.

Technology as a Source of Glamour and a Means to Dispel It—Laurence Newey

Technology liberates energy from matter, but we have to decide what to do with this energy—intensify and gratify our lower desires or elevate ourselves to more spiritual pursuits.

Free Energy Technology and the Mystery of Electricity; Deva Evolution and the Reappearance of the Christ—Simon Bialobroda

A recent event in the scientific world occurred causing a great deal of controversy and headlines. The result has been a frenzy of mixed reaction and skepticism the likes of which have not been seen since the days of Nikola Tesla, the Serbian electrical genius of the early 20th century.

God? What Are We Talking About?—Shirley Teper

All religions try to capture, preserve and transmit God's will and nature to their respective followers, and do guide, support and fulfill multitudes, yet God is no more the exclusive property of religion per se that the starry sky is the exclusive property of science.

Charles Webster Leadbeater, A Founding Bishop in the Liberal Catholic Church—Martin Peterson

While travelling in Sicily Leadbeater clairvoyantly noticed a remarkable inner effect happening around a church during a Eucharist. This experience had not been looked for, which made it the more remarkable. It profoundly changed his attitudes to his own priesthood and its possibilities of world service.

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