Make a Difference


  Triangles is a global network of prayer and meditation, empowering the building of right human relations through the energy of goodwill.  

Imagine a triangle of scintillating white light, anchored in the energy field of the earth. It pulsates, alive with energy. It acts like a magnet, attracting the attention of spiritual forces who pour their enlightened thought and loving energy towards it. The triangle fills with a most wonderful luminosity, ethereal and yet sharp, brilliant and bright against the backdrop of the world.

You can be a point of that triangle, bringing it into existence, vitalising it and offering it as a receiver/transmitter for spiritual light and love, as a link within a network of similar triangles of light and goodwill being created all over the world to make a difference.

Triangles of light and goodwill are formed by three people agreeing to spend a few minutes each day visualising themselves connected by threads of light and goodwill. Each triangle lights up as attention is placed upon it, offering an opportunity to attract greater light and love into the world. Each person then visualises the energies accumulated streaming out across the network of triangles, energising each in turn and creating a subtle communication grid through which enlightened thinking and heartfelt responding can transform the atmosphere of human thought and relationship.

Some people link with friends across the street, others with friends across the world. It does not matter how close or how distant, make the connection and let in the light, let in the love.

Those who participate in this daily act of meditation and prayer use
The Great Invocation — to affirm their intention to let light and love and spiritual power find expression on Earth.


The world needs to be different; humanity needs to be different.

Become a part of a global effort to make that difference