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Foster Bailey, Changing Esoteric Values

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Foster Bailey, Things to Come

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While we can avoid making the same mistakes over and over again by pondering upon the past, this book deals with recent world conditions in relation to future world possibilites.

Foster Bailey, Reflections

Foster Bailey's last book addresses modern esotericism in today's world and closes with an epilogue on the discipleship of Alice Bailey. There is also a section of twenty sacred mantrams, eleven of which are accompanied by a short commentary.

Foster Bailey, The Spirit of Masonry

The spirit of Masonry is the spirit of the eternal "Quest", a key to both individual and group progress toward God's goal for man. In this book Freemasonry is addressed from a spiritual point of view. The reader is shown how the function of modern Masonry is destined to bring spiritual benefits to all people.

Mary Bailey, A Learning Experience

An account of the joy and challenge of group discipleship in the modern age. Previously unpublished extracts from the Tibetan Master Djwahl Khul's first year of work with Alice Bailey are given, as well as a thoughtful summation by Mary Bailey of her thirty-three years of group work with the Arcane School and the Lucis Trust. For many of those years she served as President of the on behalf of the work begun by Alice and Foster Bailey.

Natalie Banks, The Golden Thread

The constant reappearance of the Ancient or Ageless Wisdom, that body of inner or esoteric teaching handed down from remote times in a form suitable to the period, has always attracted the minds of thoughtful people. Through its remarkable preservation and continuity it has been compared in symbol to a golden thread: a spiritual life-line waxing or waning in clarity and intensity from century to century.

Kurt Abraham, Astrology as Path to Higher Consciousness

Astrology as Path to Higher Consciousness considers the Sun Signs from the esoteric angle. Each Sign of the Zodiac is a different energy that is designed to lead one on and up in a specific way. In order to unfold one's higher spiritual possibilites, it behooves one to work consciously and intelligently with these energies

Kurt Abraham, Introduction to the Seven Rays

This book begins with the basic qualities of each of the Seven Rays, the Rays and the Planes, and the Rays that condition the various vehicles (personality, mind, emotions, physical body).

The Self-Evaluation Quiz provides an assessment that is helpful in determining whether or not a person is a pronounced or balanced type.

Kurt Abraham, The Seven Rays and Nations

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Discussion includes: the role of the intellectual in France and the 3rd ray.

Kurt Abraham, Techniques of Soul Alignment

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The use of KEYWORDS is a most profound technique used by the Adepts who guide and teach through profoundly meaningful phrases and often through the use of a SINGLE WORD.

The trap of many words–a trap into which intellect and personality invariably fall–is avoided in the soul-to-soul single keyword technique. The esoteric significance of the words is often difficult to understand, yet, within a spirit of profound simplicity, they constitute a most meaningful psychology of the future.

Gesine Abraham, Preschool Education: Keeping the Magic Alive

Gesine Abraham has worked with pre-school/kindergarten children for over 40 years. Her book, Preschool Education: Keeping the Magic Alive, was written in response to the concerns of parents and teachers. Are children not being unduly pressured into being “super kids”? Are children not losing something vital and precious in the process?

Vera Stanley Alder, The Fifth Dimension

Vera Stanley Alder invites readers to test meditation by choosing a subject they don't know and learning about it by using the exercises and meditations in the book. He explores the variety of claims made about the effects of meditation what happens to the student, biologicaland physical changes, the practice of balanced living, and the phenomena that leads to ultimate fulfillment and achievement.

Vera Stanley Alder, The Finding of the Third Eye

Vera Stanley Alder here offers us a guide to attainment through the path outlined by Ancient Wisdom.  She summarizes our philosophical relationship to the past by comparing it with the discoveries of modern science, and surveys the techniques of working with breath, color, sounds, numbers, diet and exercise. Finally she discusses the functions of the third eye, astrology, meditation, and their ultimate aims.

Vera Stanley Alder, The Initiation of the World

In this outline of the secret wisdom of the divine plan, Vera Stanley Alder uses her rare gift for condensing and synthesizing the essentials of esoteric teachings to reveal the many aspects of Ancient Wisdom and its relationship to present-day scientific knowledge. What makes this classic work so popular is Alder's simple and unintimidating presentation of the various forms of personal initiation. 

Vera Stanley Alder, From the Mundane to the Magnificent

Vera Stanley Alder takes a series of extraordinary journeys on the etheric plane accompanied by a spirit guide and teacher named Raphael. In the course of these "out-of-body" experiences she was vouchsafed a vision, not merely of humanity's past, but of the possibilities awaiting us as evolution proceeds on its divinely inspired course.

Roberto Assagioli, M.D., The Act of Will: A Guide to Self-Actualisation and Self-Realisation

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In this book, Dr. Assagioli asserts that the will has a directive and regulatory function: It balances and constructively utilises all the other activities and energies of the human being without repressing any of them.

John Berges, Hidden Foundations of the Great Invocation

After the publication of Sacred Vessel of the Mysteries, John Berges attended a conference where he heard a presentation about the mysterious Master Rakoczi who, during his life as Francis Bacon, used coding techniques similar to those in The Great Invocation. John began assembling evidence suggesting that the works of Shakespeare, Psalm 46, The Great Invocation, and a mysterious poem entitled "A Word from the Master" all originated from the same individual -- Master Rakoczi, who once lived as Francis Bacon and Count Saint Germain.

John Berges, Sacred Vessel of the Mysteries

Coded in the beautiful words of The Great Invocation is a pattern of numeric relationships revealing a sacred message of importance for humanity.

Alan Hopking, Esoteric Healing

Esoteric Healing uses current research in medical energetics and sources of Ageless Wisdom to provide practical guidelines for diagnosing, prescribing, and therapeutically utilizing specific energy forms with both intelligence and intuitive understanding.

Torgny Jannson, Esoteric Astrology

If you are interested in understanding more about your true self, the purpose of life and your spiritual path, Esoteric Astrology is the book for you. You will be guided into a deeper dimension of astrology and the spiritual laws behind all life, for example the law of reincarnation and karma. There is a great difference between esoteric astrology that interprets the horoscope from the viewpoint of the soul, and traditional astrology that often is preoccupied with outer events and the desires and reactions of the outer self. 

William Meader, Shine Forth: The Soul’s Magical Destiny

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Shine Forth could best be described as a manual for discovering the creative power of the soul. The destiny of every human being is to become a creative agent (magician) on behalf of the Higher-Self. Yet the challenge of the human experience is to guide the ego (personality) so that it becomes a cooperative servant in support of the soul’s creative agenda. When this is done well, the outcome is astounding and humanity’s upliftment is certain.

Kathy Newburn, A Planetary Awakening

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As we witness the events unfolding on our planet, we know the future stands in the balance. We are entering a time long foretold in the prophetic writings of the world, when great events are due to occur and enlightened teachers will again come forward.  Humanity is fast approaching the threshold of a great spiritual and cultural transformation--unprecedented in the history of life on Earth.


Die Astrologie der Seele ist eine bahnbrechende Quellensammlung für die esoterische Astrologie. Beeinflusst durch die theosophische Philosophie, Alice Bailey, und die alten Weisheitslehren, beschreibt Alan Oken den evolutionären Prozess der Selbst-Entwicklung durch die zwölf astrologischen Zeichen und ihre Seelen-zentrierten planetarischen Herrscher und die esoterische Bedeutung der Planeten in diesen Zeichen.

Susan Schirott, Esoteric Glossary


From the works of Blavatsky, Bailey and Roerich.

Donald Scott, The Electric Sky

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A Challenge to the Myths of Modern Astronomy. It is clear that electric plasma research affords simpler, more elegant, and more compelling insights and explanations of most cosmological phenomena than those that are now espoused in astrophysics. This book contains astronomical science for the expert written for the public. 

Seifer/ Viewig, When the Soul Awakens

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When the Soul Awakens is a groundbreaking book about the evolution of consciousness and the dawn of a new era.  It holds the vision of a new world emerging from the wave of universal spirituality spreading across our planet.  Informed by the Ageless Wisdom, it traces the evolution of humanity to the present Shift of the Ages and points toward a new civilization and culture that will arise from the soul's awareness of the oneness of life.

Susan Shore, Death, Our Last Illusion

This book begins with the latest science on the Near-death Experience, then explores the passage through physical death to the states of conscious being beyond. These states ~ often blissful ~ are outlined by our great religious traditions, and detailed in Tibetan Buddhism and the perennial philosophy, particularly in the Alice Bailey books.

Michael Srigley, Wild Will: A Collection of Articles originally published in the Beacon

Michael Srigley contributed many thoughtful and inspiring articles to the Beacon during his long association with the Lucis Trust and the Arcane School. So it is with great pleasure that we let you know that these articles are now published in book format Wild Will.

Helena Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine: Vols. I and II

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This set contains Helena Blavatsky's original text for the first two volumes of The Secret Doctrine, Volume I: Cosmogenesis and Volume II: Anthropogenesis.