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Meditation offers an alternative to the purely materialistic values of modern life.

Audio recordings on Meditation

Listen to Inner Sight programs and other audio recordings on meditation

Introductory Guide

The present widespread interest in the subject of Meditation is an evidence of a world need which requires clear understanding.

Meditation: A Way of Life

The idea of meditation is running like wildfire throughout the volatile mind stuff of the human race. And "fire"it is when occult in technique, as it sets pure energy in motion and relates consciousness to life.

The Science of Meditation

The practice of meditation, which used to be considered an oriental custom, has become widespread in recent years.

Meditation for Group Use

A special meditation recommended for group Use

Two Redemptive Meditations

Many individuals and groups in the world today are regularly using two special, "redemptive" meditations. One is a meditation for workers in the new group of world servers who are interested in preparing the way for the reappearance of the Christ

Meditation at the New Moon

Special work has been undertaken each month during the new moon period, as has been done for so long at the time of the full moon.

New Moon Meditation Outline

This meditation is used at the time of the new moon