Worldwide Network of Servers


The Worldwide Network of Servers is located throughout the world. They are servers whose activities are inspired by the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom based on the books of Alice Bailey.

Introduction - test

The work that the Tibetan Master asked disciples to do in preparation for the reappearance of the Christ and the approach of the spiritual Hierarchy includes the following objectives:

  • Prepare men for the reappearance of the Christ
  • Enlarge the work of the Triangles
  • Promote ceaselessly the work of World Goodwill
  • Undertake the constant distribution of my books
  • Endeavour to make the Wesak Festival a universal festival
  • Discover the members of the New Group of World Servers, whenever possible, and strengthen their hands
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Units of Service

A unit of service is composed of individuals who share a common vision, and recognise their responsibility in bringing about a future based on spiritual values and principles.

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Notes from the Field of Service

The following are expressions of co-workers' efforts to carry out the objectives outlined by the Tibetan Master, as described in the Introduction to this section.

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