Lucis Trust Structure

Lucis Trust is administered through three separate educational charities, registered in the USA, UK and Switzerland, with offices in New York, London and Geneva. Ultimate responsibility for each charity and for the work undertaken by the Trust is held by a Board of Trustees. There are currently 7 members of the Board:

Christine Morgan, Chair / President

Laurence Newey, Vice-President

Derek Fraser

Steve Nation

Peter H. Peuler

Barbara Valocore

Mintze van der Velde

Diana Arcache (UK only)


In London Lucis Trust is a Registered Charity, Number GB 216041. In New York, Lucis Trust is a registered non profit tax exempt 501(C)(3) organization, Tax Identification Number: 13-1674445. In Geneva, Association Lucis Trust is registered as a non profit tax exempt organization, Number 080.018.750.