Problems of Humanity

Today we are confronted by signs of turbulence, uncertainty and change on a global scale. The nation-state, the free market and traditional religions, which have proved adequate for so long, are showing unmistakable signs of strain as they struggle to deal with the new realities of a profoundly inter-connected world. All are suffering from a lack of vision. In fact, the crisis they face can only be described as spiritual, so far-reaching are its implications. Humanity is being called upon to mobilise its deepest resources of heart and mind, to respond to an era of growing integration and synthesis. Can we collectively learn to set aside, once and for all, the barriers in consciousness which have until now separated nationalities, religions, and social classes from one another, and learn to work for one humanity? On this question turns nothing less than the future of the world.

Concerned people of goodwill need a deepened understanding of the basic problems underlying the present world crisis, so they can contribute effectively to the transition into a new civilisation and consciousness. The challenge of establishing right human relationships between peoples and nations should be of paramount concern to these people, who are the hope of the future. Only they, in their millions, can create the enlightened public opinion that will turn the tide of world events.

These web pages are an online experiment in assisting people of goodwill to understand world events, and to contribute their ideas towards possible solutions. They have evolved from the Problems of Humanity Study Course, 7 booklets printed by World Goodwill which are freely available for individual and group study. The 7 booklets are:

Set 1. Introduction; Set 2. The Psychological Renewal of the Nations; Set 3. Children, Youth & Education; Set 4. Capital, Labour & Employment; Set 5. Racial Minorities; Set 6. The Churches & Organised Religion; Set 7. International Unity

These booklets are themselves based on the book "Problems of Humanity" by Alice Bailey.

Throughout the course, emphasis is placed upon underlying causes and emerging trends rather than on a factual survey of events. The use of the trained mind in reflective meditation is seen as a key factor, and is encouraged. World Goodwill also encourages the formation of study groups for the course. Through study, discussion and meditation we can generate a "thoughtform of solution", so changing the climate of world thought. By changing thought, we can produce effective and practical changes in world affairs, changes which we can participate in through local forms of service activity.

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Problems of Humanity - the book

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