Form a Triangle Online Questionnaire

Have you tried to form a triangle and been unable to find two like-minded people to link up with?   If so, you might consider forming a triangle online, choosing two potential partners from a list of people from around the world who have already registered their interest in finding a Triangles partner online. 

After completing a short questionnaire below, your details (name, country of residence, email address and any relevant comments you may wish to include) are posted on the password-protected ‘Find Triangles Partners’ web page.

In order to use this service, please follow the steps below:

1. Register a user account (if you haven't done so already) here.

2. Fill in the questionnaire below.

3. Soon after your questionnaire has been submitted you will receive an email to confirm that your details have been added to the list of those looking for Triangles partners and information on how to access the web page.

4. When you have chosen two potential partners you can email them. If the three of you agree to form a triangle, you can register your triangle on the Triangles Registration page. If you are new to Triangles we will send you introductory information and include you on our mailing list to receive the quarterly Triangles Bulletin.

‘Form a Triangle Online’ is provided for the expressed purpose of encouraging men and women of goodwill to link subjectively every day in a triangle of light and goodwill and to use the Great Invocation for the upliftment of human consciousness.


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