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The energy of goodwill is alive and active and is being expressed at all levels of global life. The Newsletter, World View and Commentaries explore the ways in which this dynamic process is transforming our world and driving the evolution of consciousness.

A regular bulletin featuring the energy of goodwill in world affairs


All who love and serve their fellow humans are agents of a spiritual future – one where the human spirit is evolving towards ever greater cooperation, sharing and unity.
In every interaction, these servers ask one simple question of themselves – how can I bring this future closer? When asked sincerely, and motivated by pure goodwill, it can impact any and every situation. Every moment, every event, every conversation becomes meaningful and significant. The magnetic power of the future is drawn into the present, and service of all kinds is energised. The future depends on the willingness of more and more people to recognise their responsibility for creating it, and to commit themselves to asking this question. They then become agents of the future, and accelerate its birth.  more...


Recent Issues:

Energy and Freedom || Rebuilding the Shrine of Human Living || Manifesting the Vision of the One Humanity || Towards an Age of Light part 2  || Towards an Age of Light part 1  


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World View

A series of articles seeking to discuss world events and trends from the angle of the trained observer

TWO WORLD VIEWS on BREXIT:   Brexit and a Globalisation of the Soul ||  Rising to the Occasion

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Why the Will Matters Now  ||   Prophecy and Prediction  ||  Phoenix Rising  ||  The Spiritual Side of Austerity  ||  The Speed of Truth




A more in-depth reflection on the significance of emerging spiritual principles

The Child: Awakening the Consciousness of the Soul - a consideration of ways in which the spiritual unfoldment of children and youth can be fostered

Recent issues:

Progress in the Life of Humanity  ||  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Signpost to Freedom  ||  Aging on the Pathway of the Soul


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