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The energy of goodwill is alive and active and is being expressed at all levels of global life. The Newsletter, World View and Commentaries explore the ways in which this dynamic process is transforming our world and driving the evolution of consciousness.

A regular bulletin featuring the energy of goodwill in world affairs


Current world events suggest that the life of humanity has reached a major crisis point. The intensity of political turmoil in America and Europe, the protracted and brutal conflicts in the Middle East, in parts of Africa and elsewhere, the danger of further financial collapse, the looming long-term threats associated with climate change – all these are causing many people of goodwill to experience confusion, and even despair. It might seem that the illusion of separateness has taken hold again with a vengeance and that all the hard-won gains of the past decades concerning development, human rights, the building of good international relationships, establishing a wise environmental stewardship are being compromised, lost even.

Yet to accurately assess the world situation it is vital to adopt a detached point of view and see things in the context of a longer time frame. The study of human evolution shows that cycles of crisis, tension and emergence govern societies – large and small – and through periods of crisis and tension, adjustments are made, consciousness evolves and goodwill emerges into greater expression.   more...


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World View

A series of articles seeking to discuss world events and trends from the angle of the trained observer

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A more in-depth reflection on the significance of emerging spiritual principles

The Child: Awakening the Consciousness of the Soul - a consideration of ways in which the spiritual unfoldment of children and youth can be fostered

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