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Reprinted from The Beacon

A selection of articles featured in The Beacon magazine

The Human Soul

Many people… have experienced at sometime or another an illumination, an unfoldment, an uplifting, and a beatitude which has convinced them that there is a state of consciousness so far removed from that normally experienced as to bring them into a new state of being and a new level of awareness. ( A Treatise on White Magic).

The soul, the Tibetan tells us, is “that entity which is brought into being when the spirit aspect and the matter aspect are related to each other”. It is an expression of the second aspect of Deity, the mediating principle between spirit and matter, the form-building aspect of that awesome process through which the Logos descends into manifestation...

Vibration and Numbers

The Law of Correspondences that interesteth all real thinkers so much is but the working out in the mind and the bringing down to the mental levels of the ideal, of the archetype....Above all it is an attempt to grasp the basic facts of the divine geometry.The law of correspondences and the science of numbers are closely allied.

Energy Follows Thought: The Science of Thoughtforms

THE SECRET OF ALL true meditation work in its earlier stages is the power to visualise. This is the first stage to be mastered. Disciples should lay the emphasis upon this process; in it lies eventually the ability to use the creative powers of the imagination, plus mental energy, as a measure to further the ends of the Hierarchy and to carry out the Divine Plan.

The Spiritual Dynamics of Sound

Good music soothes, uplifts, activates, evokes, and heals.By blending the tones of different instruments, music creates an atmosphere... Likewise, the spiritual worker uses vibration to change and develop consciousness.Using the disciplined and developed self as an instrument, the spiritual musician sounds forth his or her note, adding energy and quality to the universal stream...

The Externalising Pattern of Things

The pattern of things as they are in the heavens precipitates to earth in a similar way to a fall of snow.The task of meditating groups is to rend the veils through which great truths may fall to earth and be anchored here to unite humanity once more with the cosmos, but on a higher more intelligent turn of the spiral than heretofore...

Occult Reticence

... to enjoin silence is, in these days of lower manasic development, of little use and but serves to give opportunity for the hearers of the injunction to believe either that the silence veils ignorance or is but the imposition of an arbitrary command.Hence my purpose somewhat to elucidate the problem and to show why it is necessary that those who are affiliated with the Hierarchy,—either as aspirants or pledged initiates—should develop this occult restraint.

The Study of Symbolism

A symbol can be defined as the outward and visible sign of an inner and spiritual potency.It is literally an externalisation of forces or energy; the objective form which an idea, existent in the Universal Mind, has built for itself.

The Solar Angel

“You, a soul in incarnation, are consciously aware of the fact —subjectively and ofttimes dimly sensed— of your real Self, of the solar Angel, who is the Angel of the Presence.” With this cryptic comment the Tibetan summarizes a great truth whose significance we are only beginning to grasp. Who or what is the Solar Angel or Angel of the Presence? What is our relationship to it? Where did the Solar Angel come from, and what is its destiny?

2012 An Esoteric Perspective

Each new year contains within its time-span unforeseen joys, challenges, and perhaps sorrows, but 2012—and specifically, 21st December 2012—is a date awaited with a particular sense of expectation...

The Great Invocation, The Sword of God

The sword, like Excalibur, has still to be pulled from the stone, the concrete boulder of the lower mind. The Great Invocation can be seen as the Excalibur that is released from the stone and comes to life for all who apply the will-to-good to use it—the sword in the stone waiting to be seized and fulfill its destiny, the promise of paradise regained.

I Stand and Wait

Thoughts on the Reappearance of the Christ, By Alice A. Bailey, June 1949

The Idea of Sin

THE QUESTION is often asked, What is Sin? The subject is too vast for me to answer fully but I can and will give a series of definitions of it, for when a matter is defined, those whose minds are functioning have therein that on which they can ponder.

The Coming Kingdom

THE THING WHICH is happening in the world today is the inauguration of a new consciousness. The consciousness of human beings is radically different from the consciousness of animals, and is not static but is a progressive state of being.

PAIN–Protector, Prodder, Life Producer

THE USES OF PAIN are many, and they lead the human soul out of darkness into light, out of bondage into liberation, out of agony into peace" (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol.1, p. 677).

Age In Relation to Discipleship

IT IS STRANGE HOW STRONG an influence age, physical age, the age of the body, not of the soul, has on what could well be crucial points of discipleship training.

Christ as He Is

It has been said in Alice Bailey's book, The Reappearance of the Christ, that if we look for the Christ as He was two thousand years ago, we will fail to recognise Him when He reappears to continue His work in the Aquarian age.

Notes on the Inner Life

In these brief notes have been jotted down in a simple and direct manner the admonitions, the intuitions, the reflections, the resolutions of a soul, as they have been received by it spontaneously during its "silent conversations".

Modern Esoteric Movements

The distinctions to be made fall into two main groups—those which concern the outer form and its inner teaching, or the esoteric and exoteric aspects of truth, and those which are the outcome of the old age which is passing and which indicate the coming influence of the new age.