Geodesic domes and spheres

The following remarks were broadcast by James Mills in the Triangles Meeting on August 14, 2017:

We can visualise the planetary etheric body as it might have appeared 80 years ago as a network of squares encircling the planet like a mesh of chain mail. Over the past four decades many men and women of goodwill have dedicated a little time every day to link in thought with two other like- minded people to form triangles of lighted thought spanning the Earth, from town to town and country to country. In so doing this mesh of squares is gradually dissolving and morphing into an etheric network of triangulated relationships carrying the energies of goodwill and lighted thoughts into the planetary environment.

It is interesting to ponder on the different qualities of the Square and Triangle as archetypal patterns of energy. The Square commonly represents the quality of solidity and matter, and the Triangle expresses the concept of God as a triplicity. We are told that eventually the network far in the future will consist of a number of intersecting circles thus we can see that the triangle is a necessary intermediate step to achieve this fluid curvilinear etheric body.

If we visualise the flow of energy through a network of squares we see that every time the energy comes to a junction it has to go through a right angle turn to continue moving through the network losing a lot of energy in the process. Whereas a triangulated network allows the energy to flow more freely from junction to junction. As a result we can conclude that our triangulating planetary etheric body is becoming more dynamic, stable and responsive to the flow of energies it carries between people and as a bridge between higher levels of consciousness and the everyday world of human living.

We all have the opportunity to consciously collaborate in this process of environmental transformation on inner subjective and etheric levels which demonstrates that Humanity is beginning to take responsibility for an aspect of its own evolution in a new creative and positive way.

I’d like to explore how the concept of this 3-dimensional network of triangles has been reflected in our material civilisation since the 1930s. Buckminster Fuller, the American visionary inventor, revolutionised architecture and engineering through his exploration of geodesic domes and spheres which consist of many intersecting triangular struts. This was possible due to developments in aviation and light-weight materials. A generation of architects and engineers was inspired by his vision in the 1960’s and this has been expressed throughout the world in many geodesic structures spanning vast spaces without any need for columns from sports stadia to concert halls to bio domes housing botanical gardens. So we now live in a world increasingly populated by triangulated lightweight grids. There is a beautiful wisdom embodied in this technology. Every strut in such a structure helps to carry the loads of the combined weight of the entire structure so there is complete interdependence between all elements to fulfil its purpose. By analogy we can see this operating in the Triangles network, all members work together to make the network effective in its mission.

With the growing power and sophistication of computer programmes and modern ultra-lightweight materials it is now possible to design elegant curvilinear buildings underpinned by a structure of intersecting triangles either expressed or hidden within the skin of the building.

These new forms will become more common as our technologies becomes able to do more and more with less and less material. Fuller called this the ‘ephemeralisation’ of matter but we could perhaps say it is also the ‘etheralisation’ of matter.

So bringing this back to the construction of the inner Triangles network we are building, we can expect in the next 80 years that human consciousness, which is now encoded with the idea of triangulated networks in daily life, is developing an inner understanding of this archetypal idea and how it relates to group relations, co-operation and sharing. Demonstrating eventually in a growth in this subjective work of transforming the etheric body of our precious planet.