Some thoughts on Earth

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The following talk was given in the Triangles webinar on September 10, 2018:

This Virgo new moon period provides an auspicious time for us to focus on our planet-- for the Earth has a  similar nature to this ancient sign.  Virgo is the sign of the Mother and our planet is known as Mother Earth. But it is also the sign of the indwelling divinity and the influx of its energies stimulates the soul of humanity and the planetary soul to come alive. 

As we observe and study the qualities of Virgo perhaps we can catch a glimpse of some of the  nature of our planet and what is unfolding here. It is clearly related to the soul being born and therefore to the energy that is pouring in  at this time.  This energy fosters relationship--the keynote of our planetary Life. 

All over the world today there is a tremendous blossoming in groups in support of the life-giver, the planet --the Mother and to help arrest the detrimental effects of climate change and in support  of ecological protection and the fostering of holistic methods of living and being.  We who work in support of the Triangles network are like an inner corollary to these outer movements. Through our work together we bring about a merging of the subjective reality within the physical-etheric matrix, releasing vital livingness through which the Plan can precipitate..  

That which is working out on this little sphere is said to be part of an experiment.  And surely our planet’s name reflects in some measure, the nature  of the purpose and Plan seeking expression through this experiment.  But while humanity’s use of the name Earth stems back to the 15th century, the name has, nonetheless, always been there, recognized by those who work behind the scenes. The somewhat recent recognition of this name by humanity must surely be an indication that certain inner unfoldments within human consciousness have brough us into closer recognition of the Plan which our planet veils.   

Earth is a humble name, after all, and it does seem this is a key soul quality that is emerging here.  Our planet was not named for a god or a goddess as are all the other spheres in our system.  Instead, our name means simply “ground”, or “soil,” a symbol surely of our potential to provide right conditions for the support of life.  The soil is created through a cooperative process involving all the elements which results in decomposition and a resultant rich and fertile substance that sustains life. The breakdown, the process of death and transformation needed to create the soil, is surely a metaphor for what is unfolding on this “planet of releasing sorrow and purifying pain.”

Each planet has its particular gift or quality to offer to the greater whole; for each is the product of a great stream of living energy. A planet is a center of focused light within a greater Light.  In Virgo the lines of relationship are many, just as is the case on our Earth, pouring in from many directions, neighboring planets, distant stars and informing constellations.

The element Earth to which our planet is surely related is the meeting place of air, fire and sea.  Earth is the element that anchors structures through the building of forms to support the vision contained in noble minds.  But it is likewise true that sometimes this propensity for form building can create too much complexity that only serves to veil the simplicity of the soul.  The dual nature of form building is highlighted in the teachings of Alice Bailey which point to the fact that when the form life becomes too strong, as has been the case on this planet, it leads to warfare, struggle and to the building of that which must later be destroyed.  But as the energy to create forms is lifted to a higher, more subtle level, it leads instead to quality, vibratory radiance and the revelation upon earth of the world of meaning (Esoteric Psychology, Vol. 2, p. 222). Triangles is of course an aspect of this subtle form-building.  

In the ancient books our planet is known  as the “little daughter of a long lost sun.”  This phrase brings to light a relationship of profound importance for our planetary life, one that contributes to the hastening of our planetary evolution.  This is of course the relationship between our planet and the great star Sirius, the “radiant sun of suns.”  But it seems the daughter is no longer lost but coming instead under the growing sense of relationship with its father star. We know that during the Leo festival humanity is increasingly establishing a connection with this great star of sensitivity.  But some say that Virgo, too, is deeply related to Sirius and this makes sense because esoterically Leo and Virgo are still recognized as one sign, as well as on account of the strong second ray nature of Virgo.  

It’s said that for aeons of time Sirius has shone upon the Earth the “accolade of love.” And the power of Sirius is such that it is said to inform the entire group of seven solar systems of which our system is one, known as the Sirian System.  So this accolade of love from Sirius assures that no matter what transpires within the physical realm of existence during this difficult transition period in which we find ourselves, subjectively speaking there is no darkness, there is only light.  Our Logos and his story of what he has created here is like the story of the Prodigal Sun, who arises and returns to the Father.  And as he is on his way home so, too, are we  as brain cells within His light, also following this path on the long journey ahead of us.

Kathy Newburn