The Brothers who Live in the Light

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The following talk was given in the Triangles webinar on May 21, 2018:

We are approaching the time of the Gemini full moon which takes place next Tuesday, May 29th--the culmination of this year’s higher interlude period, the day of the greatest outpouring of love within the annual cycle.  The sign of Gemini holds within its symbolism the powerful truth that as the light of the personality dims as a result of forward movement on the path, the light of the soul consequently waxes in strength. 

In ancient mythology this teaching was encapsulated in the story of the twins, Castor and Pollux. The relationship between the brothers showed the closeness possible between the human and the divine and the aid the transformative potential that lies hid in this association and that which each kingdom can give to the other.  It’s said that so close was the bond between the twins that when Castor was killed in battle his brother was said to be so grieved that he pleaded to join him in the realm of the dead even though he himself was not mortal.  But because of Castor’s sacrificial life the gods decided to immortalize them both by turning them into stars in the heads of the constellation Gemini.  

We know the love, support and even friendship between an elder brother and his chela does much to bring the younger brother into the light—relationships in which we all participate in one form or another.  The Buddha held such love for humanity that he chose to tread the path of Earth Service and sacrificed his rightful path and how fortunate we are for that sacrifice. The closeness of the bonds that become possible between coworkers provides as well the basis for what is known as ashramic sharing, one of the great gifts of discipleship--a sharing that becomes particularly possible at this time of the higher interlude period.  We don’t necessarily have to know our ashramic brothers on the physical plane but if we are fortunate enough to have such opportunities to join together in spiritual opportunities we can become quite close.  This closeness develops as a result of the fact that we have all worked off some of the dross of our personality selves and are therefore enabled to share more deeply with each other and thereby contact and distribute the powerful forces that are let loose at this time through the group.  

Each year at the time of the Gemini full moon there occurs the greatest influx of this second ray energy of love into our planetary life.  We don’t ordinarily think of Gemini in this way, but such are the seeming idiosyncrasies of the esoteric teachings.  At this festival there is a coming together between the planetary throat center, Humanity, and the planetary heart center through the medium of the World Teacher who is known as the “God-man,” the “eldest in a great family of brothers”.  The Buddha, who stands for the planetary heart-in-the-head center is also powerfully linked with this Festival because the World Teacher choses this occasion each year to recite the Buddha’s Last Sermon.  It might be helpful to just share a few of the words of that teaching, for they can serve to prepare our consciousness during the days ahead.  

The Buddha said in his Last Sermon that only by becoming plunged into a devout meditation of the heart could he be at ease.  He asked us to “be lamps unto ourselves.  To rely on ourselves, and to not rely on external help.

He asked, “Hold fast to the truth as a lamp and to seek salvation alone in the truth.  He asked us to look not for assistance to anyone besides ourselves.  But in order to do this, he said we had to overcome the grief that arises from dwelling in the body, in this world of illusion.  We have as well to overcome the tendency to become lost in the sensations of this world. And in our thinking, we have to be strenuous to overcome the grief that arises from cravings due to idea.

And the Buddha concluded that those who can do these things, who can hold fast to the truth as a lamp, seeking their salvation in the truth alone, not looking for assistance from anyone besides themselves—it is they Lord Buddha said to Ananda, who shall reach the very height.  And then he added, “But they must be anxious to learn.”

At the exact moment of the full moon the World Teacher releases the blessing that the Buddha brought at Wesak, after it has been alchemized and stepped down over this past month.  We who have some understanding of the nature of this event, can stand as outposts whereby this love can be more widely distributed.  It’s said that at the time of the full moon in each nation of the world a disciple on the second ray line stands as a recipient or outpost of this outpouring energy, thus contributing to that “healing of the nations” that works out through the Forces of Reconstruction that are shed abroad at this time.  And perhaps the forces of this full moon are most powerfully felt in the two key nations in the world whose souls are governed by the second ray -- the United States and Great Britain.  It is said that they, in combination with the Russian Federation, hold the key to the world dharma at this time.  Interestingly enough both the USA and Great Britain are also governed by the sign of Gemini, making the inlet for this 2nd ray energy quite powerful.  

Let us take a moment of silence now before we enter into our formal meditation to see our group along with all Triangles workers throughout the world acting as a mediating web of golden, lighted etheric substance through which the healing and redemptive energies of this Gemini period can flow into our world, helping to quell the fires of hatred and aggression that are so strong at this time, particularly in Gaza and other parts of the Middle East.  

Let us sound together the Mantram of Unification (adapted).  

The souls of all are one and I am one with them.
I seek to love, not hate;
I seek to serve and not exact due service;
I seek to heal, not hurt.

Let pain bring due reward of light and love.
Let the soul control the outer form, And life and all events,
And bring to light the Love That underlies the happenings of the time.

Let vision come and insight.
Let the future stand revealed. Let inner union demonstrate and outer cleavages be gone.
Let love prevail.
Let all people love.

Kathy Newburn