The United Nations: Manifesting the Vision of the One humanity

April 27, 2016

by Dominic Dibble, Editor, World Goodwill Newsletter

A talk presented at the University of the Seven Rays Conference, April 13, 2016, Phoenix, AZ, USA.

What does it mean to speak of the United Nations as manifesting the vision of the One Humanity? I hope we will get some sense of this by taking a brief look at the way the UN emerged, and how it performs some of its most important work, namely the preparation and implementation of Declarations and Conventions.


UN to urge media to take more ‘constructive’ approach to news

April 25, 2016

UN officials say many people feel disempowered by the news and it needs to offer positive alternatives. On Wednesday April 27 2016 a new campaign will be launched in London by the UN in cooperation with the National Council for Voluntary Organizations in UK. 


World Bank Group Sets New Course to Help Countries Meet Urgent Climate Challenges

April 18, 2016

The World Bank Group’s Climate Change Action Plan, adopted on April 7 2016, is designed to help countries meet their Paris COP21 pledges and manage increasing climate impacts.

A key focus is boosting the resilience of people and communities to climate shocks, with new efforts to expand early warning systems, climate-smart social protection, and urban and coastal resilience.

The Bank Group is ramping up action in renewable energy, sustainable cities, climate smart agriculture, green transport and other areas – with ambitious targets for 2020.