Signposts for the Initiation of Humanity : Recent Developments at the United Nations

May 5, 2016

by Steve Nation, World Goodwill, New York

A talk presented at the University of the Seven Rays Conference, April 13, 2016, Phoenix, AZ, USA.

The testing preceding the initiation of humanity as a species plays itself out in world affairs. In recent decades we are witnessing something of a conclusion of the great battle of the Second World War when, at enormous cost, nations and their peoples took up arms against hatred and separation, inspired by future possibilities for freedom for all everywhere. A significant phase, of that battle concluded with the famous Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Declaration presented an initiatory vision of a world modelled on principles of unity in diversity, of love and goodwill in community and national relationships. It was a sign that a new vision of future possibilities, in line with the dawning vision of oneness, now stood firmly before humanity as a whole. For almost seventy years since the Declaration history has been about confronting all the tests and choices involved in implementing that vision.