The UN, SDGs and Human Values:  An Evolving Process

January 1, 2017

Vita de Waal addressed the World Goodwill Seminar at UN Headquarters in Geneva, October 28, 2016. Vita de Waal is Executive Director, Foundation for Gaia, and a UN representative for The Global Eco-Village Network and Planetary Asociation for Clean Energy.

Today we are living in a reality where wars and conflicts are increasing and escalating into regional conflicts. We do not even need to believe in reincarnation to state that today we are reaping the consequences of past and present wrong-doings that require individual as well as collective solutions. With images of horror and of suffering flooding into our living rooms, it is important that our love, our compassion is not stemmed by the hold that fear has over people, a fear that restricts and isolates. We often forget in these difficult times that we are responsible for our choices. Do we choose to allow love or fear to rule our lives? Are we being terrorized by our own fears and is the Security Council merely reflecting this? In our moments of silence we might want to reflect where we battle with our own fears and observe without judging where the struggles of power lie within our own being. For in truth, is not the world out there but a mere reflection of our inner world?

It is sad to realise that the Security Council, which had been conceived as an arena of cooperation, has evolved into an arena of confrontation and ideology with an outdated governance structure reflecting a mentality of 'victors' wielding all the power.