The Tough Work Is About To Begin

An open working group on sustainable devlopment goals, chaired by Macharia Kamau of Kenya and Csaba Kõrösi of Hungary, is about to begin the tough work in designing a new set of ambitious, global goals.  


Governments that may agree on setting goals for poverty, hunger, and water may very well disagree on issues surrounding trade, debt, biodiversity, and women's rights.


"There is a growing realization that we are all in the same boat," says Kamau, "... there's no getting away from the fact that everyone has to contribute."


From now until March, in four months time, the group will be working toward defining a broad consensus on the issues to be addressed, and by September, a duration of 6 months, the group will unveil a set of proposals, between 8 to 12 high level goals, to the UN General Assembly.


"The sum af all these pieces must make a coherent whole that is consistent with our aspirations for sustainable development."


Together, let's hold a good thought close to heart for these goodwill efforts.  "Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to all human minds."


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