January—March 2016

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Let Light Descend on Earth  – Editorial
True creativity is the mark of a consciousness which has reached up and been impressed by the soul. The imagination – one of the vital faculties of the human psyche – plays such an important part in this. It visualises images and then turns them into concepts and ideas. For this, light is required, and when it streams in from the soul, then the intuition and the imagination blend and result in the manifestation of exceptional creativity.

The Reality of Initiation for Humanity – Djwhal Khul
The mystical Way leads to the first initiation. Having achieved its purpose, it is then renounced, and the “lighted Way” of occultism is then followed, leading to the lighted areas of the higher states of consciousness. Thus both ways are seen to be essential; the mystical way is for the majority at this time, and an increasingly large number of mystics will emerge out of the modern masses of men; paralleling this, the occult way is attracting more and more of the world intelligentsia.

The Burden of the Future – Christine Morgan
As energy follows thought, our thinking can bring an initiating energy into our mental environment, stimulate those around us and increase the vitality of the world vibration just that little bit more. The world mind is fast approaching a critical mass of right thinking that will tip the scales in favour of that which is spiritually progressive; when this occurs, changes could come very swiftly. We will recall for instance, how suddenly and unexpectedly the Berlin Wall collapsed, and yet this was but the effect of a long and steady increase of subjective pressure that suddenly erupted through the ethers onto the physical plane.

An Experience with the Words of Power – A Student
While I certainly have experienced many tests, none of them have been trying in the way that they could be if I lived in a different part of the world, or was a person facing death and danger on a regular basis. This seems important to say. Growing insight, power and stability occur within a particular set of circumstances, and mine are very favourable for this process. I appreciate the opportunity for stability, and recognize that the protection of circumstance can give the illusion of greater control than one actually might possess.

Towards an Age of Lighted Reason – Steve Nation
.. As we visualize the state of tension of the mind of the group of intelligent people of goodwill in the future we need to be looking at vertical ways of thinking in which clear rational thought is informed by intuition – illumining the spirit within the form and revealing all the vital, living relationships existing between part and whole. It is through this quality of lighted reason that the New Group of World Servers is in process of demonstrating, and of learning how to demonstrate the ‘Glory of the One’.

Occult Chemistry and the ESP of Quarks: Part 2 – Bette Stockbauer.
In the second part of her article, Bette Stockbauer writes about the work of Dr. Stephen Phillips.  Through careful analysis of [the book] Occult Chemistry’s descriptive passages and mathematical data, Phillips draws intriguing parallels with modern physics: quantum chromodynamics and string theory. He poses numerous grounds in defence of the occultist, maintaining that the research should be considered as an objective, non-partial endeavor and neither fraudulent nor delusional. The article offers a rudimentary background of theories that are germane to the understanding of Phillip’s analysis of Occult Chemistry.

Communion: Transcending the Last Supper – Wayne Sterba
In the Christian spiritual dispensation, the Last Supper communion feast is a teaching that is elegant because of its simplicity. Sincerely participated in, it requires and results in a “communion” of thinking along spiritual lines, even if momentarily. That is the essence, pure and simple. It is not so much that the bread and wine are in actuality the body and blood of the Christ; it is the resulting focus upon a “communion” that is of importance and value.

A Look at Continuity of Consciousness – Gloria Crook
The initiate…will be conscious of service to the Logos, and no action, desire or thought, will be contrary to that service since continuity of consciousness on all of the levels has been achieved.

The Significance of Visualisation – Annette Morgan.
The visualisation process offers real opportunity for the lifting of mind and heart into higher realms of thought. If one considers for a moment the length of time spent each day in the Known (the present limited point of view), and the weight of this entrenched view acquired through physical plane experience, one recognises just how much one is up against in the task of acquiring something new, something which lies beyond the present experience and understanding.

Rudolph Steiner: A Forerunner – Janine Hunt.
Rudolph Steiner’s life mission – “To reunite religion and science. To bring God into science and nature into religion. From this position to revitalize art and life” and his tireless efforts to quicken the spiritual impulse and heighten human potential for the welfare of humanity – have created a phenomenal body of work of almost inconceivable proportions.


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