Saturday, May 13 and Sunday, May 14, 2017

1:30 - 5:15 p.m.


3 West Club,
3 W. 51st Street
(between 5th and 6th Ave.)
New York, NY

Keynote Let the group evoke the Shamballa Force and demonstrate the will-to-good in new and potent livingness.

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Saturday, May 13

Afternoon Session – Everyone welcome
All talks presented by Arcane School Students


Welcome  Please note: program starts promptly at 1.30pm

The Dynamics of Group Progress Headquarters Group

The Law of Group Progress is governed by the progressive energy of the seventh ray, which is — from one angle — the lowest aspect of the first ray. This law begins to have a conscious effect in the life of the disciple when he has established certain rhythms, working effectively along certain well recognized group lines. The reaction to this law is "Love of Synthesis" and the quality it evokes is "inclusiveness."


Welcome Crisis! Evoking the Will of the Soul? Student panel

Students discuss how they have used points of crisis as opportunities for creative change and spiritual progress.

Group discussion


Refreshment break


Five Centres of Impelling Energy Headquarters Group
"The five cities which are the exoteric expression of the esoteric centre of force and through which the Hierarchy and Shamballa are seeking to work are the correspondence in the planetary body to the four centres up the spine and the ajna centre in the body of humanity and of individual man. [They] are ‘living vital focal points of dynamic force’ to a greater or less extent."


Modern higher education – striving to take a tiny step on the way to Livingness
Professor Linda Spremulli
Linda Spremulli is a Professor of Chemistry at University of North Carolina. Modern education is light-years away from understanding and teaching the true Livingness that pours forth from Shamballa; but it is time for us to ask where we are now, and how, through the educational opportunities that can be offered to intelligent students today, we can aid in the evolution of humanity so that it can play its destined role in planetary evolution.


5:00 - 5:15pm

 Group meditation - Close

Sunday, May 14

Afternoon Session – Everyone welcome
All talks presented by Arcane School Students


The Angel with the Flaming Sword: Working with the Law of Repulse Headquarters Group
The Law of Repulse works through the soul to actualize a "new technique of living". The influence of this first ray law repulses the unreal and supersedes desire to "reveal the will, plan or purpose of the divine life, as it expresses itself in the individual or in humanity as a whole".

Discussion in small groups

Are we ‘Willing’ for Peace?
"Peace, as the expression of the will of Shamballa produces balance, equilibrium, synthesis and understanding, plus a spirit of invocation which is basically an action, producing reaction. This demonstrates as the first great creative and magical work of which humanity is capable, swinging, as it does, all the three divine aspects into a simultaneous activity in line with the will of God."



 Refreshment break


Discerning Truth in the Information Age Steven Zagoudis
Steven Zagoudis is an Information Governance specialist and founder of MetaGovernance. Steve will discuss harnessing the incoming Ray 7 energies for implementing a holistic truth framework within organizations and governments. By leveraging organizational processes and technology, the archetypes manifested through ceremonial order can be focused to advance the accuracy, integrity, and availability of data and information. This discussion is based on the dedicated passion of a group of individuals seeking to bring truth and transparency into the information backbone that connects the planet.

Panel Discussion


Group Meditation and close