As we enter into the new age, human consciousness is expanding and many people throughout the planet are actively seeking a deeper meaning in their lives. Our ability to understand and grasp the significance of the nature and laws of being has expanded. The time is right for a restatement of the divine principles and eternal laws, laying a foundation for the return of the World Teacher.

In cooperation with the teachings as given out by the Tibetan teacher and Alice Bailey, we can play our part in the creation of a channel through which Hierarchical impression can flow outward into human consciousness - uplifting and stimulating all aspects of our planetary life. The keynote of this effort is expansion and the goal is global goodwill and the realisation of a true fellowship.

"One disciple thinking truth can revolutionize his environment."

Over many years individuals throughout the world have cooperated in the effort to distribute the ideas contained within the Bailey teachings. Now, with the Internet and global communications, we have the opportunity to greatly expand our distribution efforts. This section is a resource towards that purpose. Thank you for helping to bring these ideas to wider public attention.

Honoring Nelson Mandela – A Call to People of Goodwill

Nelson Mandela’s death has triggered a wave of energy throughout the human family. His leadership, not just in South Africa but across the globe, shows what can be achieved when goodwill (simple and practical) is consciously stimulated and empowered. Let Mandela’s example inspire us to think and act in ways that will nurture goodwill in the world

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Affirming Goodwill

There are many different qualities and energies impacting human consciousness today, producing both constructive and destructive effects.

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Energy of Goodwill

We are living in one of the major transition periods of all human experience. This transition is so general that it involves changes in every department of human affairs and thought

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The Hierarchy of Light

Throughout time, the idea of a group of wise and enlightened beings working behind the scenes to guide our planet has been conveyed in spiritual teachings, in literature and myth.

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Meditation Today

There are many methods of meditation being practiced today. Each method has its specific purpose and value.

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A Spiritual Renaissance

Today, many people are seeking authentic spiritual experience, both within and outside the major world faiths.

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Three people agree to link in thought each day and use the Great Invocation.

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Values to Live By

The fate of all peoples and nations is determined by the values which govern their decisions.

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