Affirming Goodwill

Dear colleague,

There are many different qualities and energies impacting human consciousness today, producing both constructive and destructive effects. At a time when the forces of separation – forces that seek to divide individuals, groups and nations from one another – seem to gain steadily in strength, the power of goodwill is needed more than ever. Fortunately, this attitude is on the increase, as you will know through the growth of interest in your chosen field of service. But it still faces many obstacles. There are the more obvious ones of selfish and materialistic behaviour. Yet, even individuals and groups doing good and needed work may become so focused on their own agendas that they create subtle barriers to cooperation with one another. And the growth of fundamentalist thinking – which can find inlets in all fields, not just the religious – has the tendency to cause people of good intentions but different views to retreat behind barriers, and the opportunity to listen to each other’s viewpoints and to search for common ground is lost. To counter this tendency, there is no better antidote than a renewed focus on goodwill as the driving force of all constructive effort.

Humanity is transiting into a new era which, in many ways, is unknown, uncharted territory. In this new era the spirit of goodwill will be essential to the creative solution of the many problems confronting humanity today because goodwill establishes the common platform on which all races and creeds can meet. If humanity is to make this transition into a better future, it is clear that all humanity be brought along. No segment of the world’s people can be left behind and deemed unsalvageable. Here the power of goodwill works a special kind of magic because it can redeem even the most seemingly hopeless relationships by providing a doorway to renewed effort.

Thus, creating an atmosphere and an attitude of goodwill is a key requirement if we are to move towards a better world. Your field of service and the impact that it makes upon public opinion provide an opportunity to contribute to the massive effort now needed to mobilise goodwill among all responsive members of the human family. If any of the ideas outlined in the enclosed Call to Men and Women of Goodwill resonate with your values and objectives, please feel free to adapt them to your use. And in any event, by reflecting on the ways that you can help to increase the prominence of goodwill in your messages, and in your relationships, both internal and external, you can help to strengthen the bonds that unite all members of humanity.

Thank you for giving attention to this essential dynamic for creating a more peaceful and equitable world for all. We wish you continuing success in your service work.

Sincerely yours,

December 2005

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