Meditation Today

There are many methods of meditation being practiced today. Each method has its specific purpose and value. Some methods are for relaxation; others are used as a method of healing, and still others enable one to establish a deeper alignment with the divine, resulting in an expansion of awareness and enlightenment. The Arcane School offers a practical method of meditation that is uniquely designed for the awakened, intelligent mind and oriented to the modern world.

The type of meditation offered by the Arcane School is based on an Eastern technique of Raja Yoga, sometimes called “the kingly science of the soul.” The word “yoga” means yoke or union; it is the union or integration of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life. Yoga is thus a disciplined way of achieving union or alignment with a higher state of consciousness. Raja Yoga uses the creative imagination, the art of visualisation and the use of a seed thought to delve more deeply into the underlying meaning of an idea, concept or object. It is in becoming aware of life’s meaning and significance that we can train ourselves to live as souls in the world.

The powers of the soul unfold normally and naturally, but as meditation is practiced they flow more rapidly into one’s life. This they do, not because they are desired and consciously developed, but because as the inner soul assumes control and dominates its bodies, its powers become apparent upon the physical plane and soul qualities then demonstrate outwardly. In this way meditation can be seen as enabling a new way of life; it offers an alternative to the purely materialistic values of modern life, and is particularly suited to Western practitioners. It is a means of harmonising or resolving the apparent conflict between the spiritual and material aspect of living. This meditation method is not an escape from reality, but a path of discovery of the true Self, the spiritual being, the soul. The basic objective of meditation is to enable you to become outwardly what you are in inner reality. This method leads to the release of the soul energy of love, and its accompanying attribute of joy. Soul love can transform one’s entire outlook and redeem all relationships-at home, in friendships and at work.

It is a safe method of meditation in that it is usually brief and dynamic and involves no special breathing exercises. Nor does it focus at all on raising the potent energies of the kundalini, a practice that can be dangerous and harmful to the body by opening the energy centers or chakras prematurely.

Today humanity is reaching towards new realms of experience, and for the first time is capable of reaching and working with the mind itself. Raja Yoga, or mental union with the soul, is fast becoming a pre-eminent yoga for thinking humanity. Men and women the world over are using their mental capacity to create new avenues of integration with the human spirit, leading humanity into wider and deeper levels of awareness and cooperation with the Plan. Through this method, meditation is a supreme act of service to humanity.

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