New Moon Meeting

Meditation is the primary form of service for those following a spiritual path. It is a means of cooperation and alignment with hierarchical intent. The new moon period follows upon the cycle of out-breathing in the rhythmic cycles of the breath; it is a time of pause wherein together we can establish a soul-mind-brain alignment.  During this period we work in thought to concretize the ideas and impressions received at the time of the full moon period and undertake the sometimes difficult process of translating them into practical plans that can be of service in the world. The effect of this meditative effort is to enhance the many ways in which the “power of the one Life” and the “love of the one soul” are working out through all true servers everywhere. The meeting will be held in the library of our offices at 866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 482 on the fourth floor and will include an exploration on the theme Ambition and Aspiration, followed by group discussion and meditation. Please call or email us if you will be attending, or contribute your thoughts prior to the meeting we will share them with the group when possible. 

Theme: Ambition and Aspiration

 Today the world is rapidly accelerating and technology is transforming every facet of our physical and social lives.  There is, at the same time, a pronounced shift in the desire-life of humanity; just as physical plane living is intensifying, so too are the desires of humanity growing in potency.  Ambitions increasingly drive individuals towards higher levels of personality achievement, but to the extent these achievements benefit exclusively the individual, they are bereft of spiritual significance.

Technically speaking, ambition and aspiration both imply desire, however ambition is often used to imply a desire for power of the separated self while aspiration often implies devotion and spiritual pursuit.  In examining these two characteristics, we are faced with a dilemma facing many upon the spiritual path: what role should desire play in the spiritual life of the disciple?  In the meeting, we will discuss desire and its role in the spiritual life, focusing specifically on the implications for discipleship service.  We will examine what constitutes ‘right desire’ and clarify some popular misconceptions.  The meeting will conclude with the implications, for the disciple, of the strengthening desire-life of humanity and the effect his has on glamours and illusions.

Question for reflection and discussion:

1.  Can ambition and aspiration be catalysts for spiritual service?  In what ways can they be a hindrance to the spiritual life?

2.  What is 'right desire’?  How can it be achieved? What results when it is achieved?

3.  What is glamour and how does it hinder discipleship service? 

Readings and Viewing:

Tom Savage. “Is Ambition Killing Us?” TEDxBristol.

Alice A. Bailey. The Rays and the Initiations, pp. 651-652.

Alice A. Bailey. Glamour: A World Problem, “The Dissipation of Individual Glamour,” pp. 202-215


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Lucis Trust Meetings

New York

Friday, December 7, 2018 06:00 PM

Lucis Trust
866 United Nations Plaza
Suite 482

New York

NY 10017

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