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Meditation is the primary form of service for those following a spiritual path. It is a means of cooperation and alignment with hierarchical intent. The new moon period follows upon the cycle of out-breathing in the rhythmic cycles of the breath; it is a time of pause wherein together we can establish a soul-mind-brain alignment.  During this period we work in thought to concretize the ideas and impressions received at the time of the full moon period and undertake the sometimes difficult process of translating them into practical plans that can be of service in the world. The effect of this meditative effort is to enhance the many ways in which the “power of the one Life” and the “love of the one soul” are working out through all true servers everywhere. The meeting will be held in the library of our offices at 866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 482 on the fourth floor and will include an exploration on the theme Forging an Aquarian Educational Model, followed by group discussion and meditation. Please call or email us if you will be attending, or contribute your thoughts prior to the meeting we will share them with the group when possible.

Forging an Aquarian Educational Model

At this Aquarian new moon, when the energies of this sign of are flooding into the planet, it’s an opportune time to focus the group on one of the more pressing needs of the world—equal access to high quality education for all the world’s children.  This aim is highlighted in Goal Number 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals:  Universal primary and secondary education: “By 2030, ensure that all girls and boys complete free, equitable  and quality primary and secondary education leading to relevant and effective learning outcomes.”

Aquarius is concerned with equality but also with quality and creativity, as affirmed in the goal.  And, at this time, most countries of the world have a tiered educational system in which the needs of some—the wealthy and the few who excel academically—receive high quality education, whereas the poor have little access to quality education. Not only are students in the US under served in the current model but so, too, are the teachers who must work without adequate funding  with which to do their jobs.  The challenges with the educational systems also extend beyond financial constraints to limitations of visions in the national models that set the agendas.  Many of today’s children are increasingly Aquarian in nature. Let us use the focus of our work together to contribute towards building a thoughtform of solution to the present educational model so that the schools can begin to better meet the need of this changing consciousness.

Questions for Reflection and Discussion:

  1. What would an Aquarian educational model look like?
  2. What steps must we take as a global community to see this model realized practically in our world?


Readings & Viewing:

Mike Colacross, “10 Reasons why Finland’s Education System is the Best,” Big Think,” 09 September 2018.

Terry Heick. “Designing the Perfect School: 7 Principles of Sustainable Learning,” Pacific Standard, 03 September 2018. 

Video:  Edutopia, “Waldorf Inspired Public Schools are on the Rise.”

Alice A. Bailey. Education in the New Age, “Chapter I, pp. 38-68.

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