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The meetings will include a brief talk, followed by a group discussion and meditation. We welcome volunteers to come in on the afternoon of the meeting or to use our library between 5-6 p.m. Light refreshments will be served after the meeting. Registration and identification is needed to enter the building. Please call oremail us prior to the meeting. We can also register you automatically for each meeting if you let us know of your interest. Meetings start promptly at 6 pm.

The Path Towards Human Unity :  Right Economic Relations Reflections on Cooperation and Cooperatives


In October 1945 Alice Bailey published a paper by the Tibetan on the Problem of Capital, Labour and Employment

Human unity, human understanding, human relationships, human fair play and the essential oneness of all people—these are the only concepts upon which to construct the new world, through which to abolish competition and to bring to an end the exploitation of one section of humanity by another and the hitherto unfair possession of the earth's wealth. As long as there are extremes of riches and poverty humanity is falling short of its high destiny.


During the New Moon meeting we will reflect on an economics of cooperation and on the state of the cooperative movement. July 2nd was International Day of Cooperatives. We forget how widespread cooperative enterprises are: co-ops employ over 250 million people worldwide (almost 12% of the entire employed population in G20 countries); in the US 30,000 cooperatives provide over 2 million jobs.

Questions for Discussion:

What do you understand by an economics of cooperation?

In spite of the growing gap between wealth and poverty in the world do you see any evidence that an economics of cooperation is emerging?

Please email us any thoughts for sharing with the group.


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