New Moon Meeting

The theme of the new moon meditations is strengthening the hands of the group of world servers.The meeting will include a brief talk, discusson and meditation with the goal of clarifying group thinking about the solution to major world problems. 

The meeting will include a brief talk, followed by a group discussion and meditation. We welcome volunteers to come in on the afternoon of the meeting or to use our library between 5-6 p.m. Light refreshments will be served after the meeting. Registration and identification is needed to enter the building. Please call or email us prior to the meeting. We can also register you automatically for each meeting if you let us know of your interest. Meetings start promptly at 6 pm.

The Nation and the World of Nations : Unity in Diversity
Reflections on the Path Towards World Unity

The New Moon falls on the Fourth of July, the day when the peoples of the USA celebrate their independence and national identity. It is surely no coincidence that this should happen during a very important election year.

During the new Moon meeting we will consider the relations between individual nations and the interdependent world of nations. What progress has been made on the path towards world unity since Alice Bailey issued the paper on The Problem of World Unity in 1946?

In this paper DK suggested:

What we need above all to see – as a result of spiritual maturity – is the abolition of those two principles which have wrought so much evil in the world and which are summed up in the two words: Sovereignty and Nationalism.


Suggested reading:
Alice A. Bailey, The Problem of International Unity, Chapter VI in The Problems of Humanity, pp. 167 – 181.

Thought for Pondering: 
How do we see sovereignty and nationalism in the world of 2016? Are they still a source of evil? How have they shaped and conditioned our modern world?

Please email us any thoughts for sharing with the group.

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