New Moon Meeting

The meeting will be held in our offices at 866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 482; it will include a brief talk on the theme, A Call to Action, group discussion and meditation. Please call or email us prior to the meeting.  We can also register you automatically for each meeting if you let us know of your interest..


Theme:  A Call to Action

Since the end of World War II, humanity has made progress in the path towards unity and the establishment of a global culture.  Evidence of this is the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) meeting at the UN 9 -18 July. Representatives from most of the world’s countries and the major inter-governmental organizations will come together to review progress on the SDGs.

The HLPF meets at a time when nationalism and separatism are on the rise. Disciples and servers the world over feel a heightened responsibility to respond in definitive and concrete ways to this situation. Though the desire to act may be strong, this same desire often leads to actions which produce undesirable results.  Motivation to act is often in opposition to the ‘evil’ which one registers.  This pronounced duality conditions one’s thinking, engenders glamour, and makes the steady radiation of love impossible.

In the sign Cancer, the soul enters incarnation, builds a lighted house, and therein dwells.  It represents birth, physical incarnation, and is the place from which the soul begins its earthly journey.  Today, humanity (as a whole) is in process of becoming a lighted vehicle through which divinity demands expression.  For those of us that are responsive to this demand, the question arises:  What can we do?  How can we support the SDGs? What concrete actions can be taken to make a true, lasting, and permanent impression upon the vehicle, humanity?


Questions for reflection and discussion:

  1. What glamours are commonly associated with the desire to serve?  What is often neglected in the face of this strong desire?
  2. What is right action and how does it differ:  For the average intelligent man or woman?   For the disciple or aspiring world server?
  3. Can you distinguish between a love which is inclusive and heals divisions, and a ‘love’ which polarizes and separates?  How does this play out in the life of nations?
  4. In what ways can thinking constitute action in support of the SDGs?

Suggested Readings:
High-Level Politcal Forum on Sustainable Development

A Tale of Two Ethics”, The Economist, 29 September 2016:

Can a Divided America Heal”, TEDNYC, November 2016:

Right motive creates right action and right forms, The Destiny of the Nations,
Alice A. Bailey, p. 126-131

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