New Moon Meeting

Venue:  Lucis Trust,
120 Wall Street, 24th floor, New York NY

(Please register in advace: 212.292.0707 / [email protected])

The theme of the new moon meditations is strengthening the hands of the group of world servers.The meeting will include a brief talk, discusson and meditation with the goal of clarifying group thinking about the solution to major world problems. 


Meeting Theme:  Evoking the Soul of the Nation:

At this time of heightened responsibility in the national life of  the USA, the UK, Spain, Brazil and Syria (and many other nations)—let us use this opportunity offered by the Gemini energies, when the Forces of Reconstruction are shed abroad, to call upon the disciples of the nations to draw forth the national soul.

All nations are controlled by a personality ray (if so we can call it), which is dominant and potent and the main controlling factor at this time, and by a soul ray which is sensed only by the disciples and aspirants of any nation.  This soul ray must be evoked into an increased functioning activity by the New Group of World Servers, for this is one of their main objectives and tasks.  This must never be lost to sight. 

Esoteric Psychology, Vol. I, p. 382, Alice A. Bailey

Similarly, there come cycles wherein the Dweller on the Threshold appears and confronts the aspirant, challenging his purpose and progress and blocking the door which leads to expanded life and liberation. The Dweller challenges the freedom of the human soul. So it is also in the life of a nation, a race, and humanity as a whole.

The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 283, Alice A. Bailey

Thoughts for Pondering:
What is the soul of the nation and what can we do to draw it forth and thus  help to shift our national life to a higher level of consciousness?  Where do we see evidence of this national Soul Life and in what ways are the activities of the New Group of World Servers evoking the soul life into increased functioning activity?

Please email us any thoughts for sharing with the group.


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Lucis Trust Meetings

New York

Friday, June 3, 2016 06:30 PM

Lucis Trust
866 United Nations Plaza
Suite 482

New York

NY 10017

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