New Moon Meeting

The theme of the new moon meditations is strengthening the hands of the group of world servers.The meeting will include a brief talk, discusson and meditation with the goal of clarifying group thinking about the solution to major world problems. 


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Meeting Theme:  Death: Entry Into Greater Life

Together we will ponder death and rebirth with the end in view of moving into a deeper way of communicating with others concerning this subject.

“….one of the undertakings of disciples…. is to interject the theme of death into their conversation with other seekers for truth, into their thinking and into their discussions with each other, and particularly with those they seek to heal. It will not be easy and it must not be done in a precipitate manner, but it is a subject which cannot and must not be avoided or evaded.  Healing groups working out from an Ashram lay not the emphasis upon bodily healing, but upon timing and upon the cycles of work or of physical plane living, and the cycles of restitution or physical plane death.” 

Esoteric Healing, pp. 390-91

The following links provide overviews of the problem:

“Conscious Dying” by Dale Borglum

“Dr. Ian Stevenson’s Reincarnation Research” by Kevin Williams
“Death: the Art of Dying”—from Ponder on This, a compilation from the books of Alice Bailey

Thoughts for Pondering:  Let us consider ways whereby we can be of greater service in our lives through pondering death together.
Please email us any thoughts for sharing with the group.



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New York

Friday, May 6, 2016 06:00 PM

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