New Moon Meeting

The theme of the new moon meditations is strengthening the hands of the group of world servers.The meeting will include a brief talk, discusson and meditation with the goal of clarifying group thinking about the solution to major world problems. 

The meeting will be held in the library of our offices at 120 Wall St., 24th floor; it will include a brief talk on the theme Evoking the Souls of the Nations in a Time of Change: Preparing for the Fall Seminar focus on the Intuition, group discussion and meditation. Please call or email us prior to the meeting.  We can also register you automatically for each meeting if you let us know of your interest. 

On October 29th World Goodwill will host three seminars on the overall theme From Intellect to Intuition. In New York this theme will be explored in terms of the Souls of the Nations, and the evocation of those souls in these times of transition and change. 

From an esoteric perspective history is the record of the effects of energies or radiations (emanations of the divine) as they play upon humanity in its varying stages of evolutionary development. Consciousness changes and awareness unfolds in response to these radiations. This applies as much to a nation as it does to an individual human being. The changes can be observed in the emotional pattern (aspiration and desire) and the mental pattern (the thought processes) of the nation. They can also be observed in the soul pattern where we see the pre-disposing spiritual goal and destiny of the nation which eventually transforms the emotional and mental patterns of the personality. 

Suggested Reading:  The Destiny of the Nations.

(please email us any comments or ideas you might want to share and we will read them at the meeting).

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Lucis Trust Meetings

New York

Friday, September 30, 2016 06:00 PM

Lucis Trust
866 United Nations Plaza
Suite 482

New York

NY 10017

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Visit the Global Network directory on this site to find a list of independent groups holding festival meditation meetings at the time of the full moon.

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