2019 meetings: 20 March
2019 Full Moon:
20 March, 9.42pm EDT, USA;
21 March 
1.42 am GMT &  2.42 CET

Easter Festival 2018 Talks
London, New York, Geneva

In Alice Bailey’s writings, the Easter Festival is determined by the first full moon of spring. This year the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere occurs on March 20, followed a few hours later by the Aries full moon, so March 20 is the first full moon of Spring. Throughout the Christian world, Easter will be observed in April, following the second Aries full moon.

Easter is a time of energetic movement, as yet again forces of gravity are surprised by the upsurge of new life. Each burst of greenery reveals the great struggle of all creative endeavour. Creativity is a raising process – an act of resurrection as the inertia of matter is overcome. This lends a powerful beauty to spiritual creativity as it surmounts, indeed requires, opposing forces to ply its craft. It is what the Christ was referring to when He proclaimed, “Behold, I make all things new.” The opportunity before us is to carry this spirit of renewal into our lives.

At Easter we rejoice in the spirit of the living, risen Christ and look forward to the future when the ‘resurrection principle’ will be invoked worldwide. An ancient scripture beautifully predicts that in the New Age, the eyes and thoughts of men will be fixed on life. Concepts of death and sacrifice, and of the vicarious at-one-ment will be superseded by the concepts of resurrection or of livingness, of spiritual unity and of service, so that a new note will enter into human life, bringing hope and joy and power and freedom. Religious teachings will focus upon the use of the will in bringing about the living transfiguration of the lower nature and this will lead to the resurrection of the spirit in mankind.

Today we see this resurrecting force in those who are actively responding to some aspect of human need. These people communicate a forward-looking attitude and a conviction to work towards a more equitable world. They represent the hope of the future - a hope that is powerfully vitalised at Easter.