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THE INSPIRATION FOR THE CYCLE OF CONFERENCES project comes from The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, by Alice Bailey. The allied forces had won the world war and a powerful first ray activity—the activity of will or purpose—was swinging into action. The Christ, as the Leader of the Forces of Light, empowered the Ashrams of the Masters upon this Ray to strengthen the hands of all disciples in government and politics to enlighten the various national legislatures. If effective, the ‘Cycle of Conferences and of Councils,’ which was being initiated by the statesmen of the world, would thereby be brought under the direct guidance of Those in the Council Chamber at Shamballa Who know the Will of God.

Since that time there have been two direct impacts of first ray energy upon humanity from the Centre where the Will of God is known—the first in 1975 and the second in 2000. The Divine Will is now at large in the world, breaking down selfish and materialistic patterns of thinking and causing much destruction where resistance is found. The synthesising aspect of the will is simultaneously active, as witnessed by the thousands of non-governmental organisations and charities that have sprung up in answer to the cry of human need. Likewise, the number of conferences taking place has dramatically expanded to include not only the political field, but all departments of human thinking, from philosophy, psychology and economics, to art, culture, science, religion and so forth. These conferences are not only tackling the immediate world crises of poverty, famine and disease, but are also addressing the crisis of vision that is confronting humanity by promoting and working towards a spiritually prosperous future based on sharing, equality, freedom and social responsibility.

The subjective empowerment of this work through the invocation and direction of the will is a vital service that can be given at this time and is summed up in a passage from The Rays and the Initiations: “It is absolutely essential that the will-to-good be unfolded by the disciples of the world so that goodwill can be expressed by the rank and file of mankind. The will-to-good of the world knowers is the magnetic seed of the future. The will-to-good is the Father aspect, whilst goodwill is the Mother aspect, and from the relation of these two the new civilisation, based on sound spiritual lines, can be founded…. Two aspects of spiritual work must be nurtured in the immediate future, for on them the more distant hope of happiness and of world peace depends. The New Group of World Servers must be reached and the will-to-good developed in them, and the masses simultaneously must be reached with the message of goodwill.”

Students in the Arcane School have been working increasingly at the invocation of the Will aspect, particularly in relation to the three spiritual festivals and the annual school conferences. An extension of this work is now being implemented and an invitation is extended to all who are interested in participating in the Cycle of Conferences project.

Outline of the work

This service initiative involves group invocation of the divine will and its direction as the will-to-good in the build up to a selected conference, preparing in advance the right spiritual atmosphere in which it can take place. The group imaginatively projects a lighted seed of ‘will energy’ and develops it into a pulsating heart centre radiating the light, love and power of the Great Invocation throughout the event and its participants. Through visualisation, this preparatory nucleus of light can frequently be brought under the gaze of the mind’s eye and its inner fire fed with ideas resulting from meditation upon the topic that the conference is focusing. Many people doing this in preparation for the event creates streams of living ‘will energy’ that connect to the thoughtform, its inner light being fanned into the flame of synthesis by the group gaze. In this way, a large and potent group thoughtform is built, wielding a powerful influence. This kind of subjective gazing is a dynamic service that precedes the conscious use of the opened third eye, the Eye of Shiva, with which the trained initiate works in service of the Plan.

Prior to the conference, the visualisation and preparatory thoughts for pondering will be circulated. Once memorised, the visualisation can be brought to the front of the mind and energised at any time. It can also be used for a lengthier period as a traditional meditation whenever deemed appropriate, but would be of most benefit either before or after a period of reflection, research, or discussion on the subject of the conference. It is well to remember that an effective thoughtform has to be built on all levels of consciousness and these activities provide a strong mental foundation that attracts the pertinent abstract and intuitional energies for effective work. It also provides the needed density of thought, which, coupled with right desire, can externalise the thoughtform on etheric levels where it can perform effective work.

An increasingly important aspect of spiritual work in the new age is to help develop the right use of the rapid communications network for spiritual purposes. Communication networks circumscribe the globe – a powerful symbol of the etheric lines of communication that underlie all human and planetary relationships, and evolution. Through the immediacy of electronic communication, the group mind can be synchronised and collectively tuned into related aspects of the subject matter concerned, promoting the growth of points of resonance around which group consciousness and group telepathy can develop.

For Units of Service and those who hold full moon meetings, this work may become a natural extension of current service activities. Study and discussion on the topic of the conference might be held around the time of the new moon. This is when we traditionally work to “strengthen the hands of the new group of world servers” by distributing the energies contacted during the higher interlude of the month. For such meetings, the Cycle of Conferences meditation could be used for five or ten minutes at the start and the new moon meditation outline at the close.

Type of conference to be focused

The type of conferences that the group focuses on will vary; some may be sponsored by the United Nations, others by various Non-Governmental Organisations. Conferences of policy-making bodies may be chosen or gatherings of world leaders. They may be political or cultural. Whatever the nature of the event though, it is important to focus on the process of constructive and diverse thinking without attempting to determine specific results. While it is true that many conferences fall far short of public expectations, they nevertheless provide a platform for the voice and vision of the future to reach other members of the new group of world servers and interested sections of the world community. With the growing power of enlightened public opinion adding to the process, conferences are more likely to produce constructive and effective outer results even though they may seem to take a long time to manifest. Some participants, no doubt, will continue to break pledges and renege on their commitments, but the growing insistence of humanity will eventually overcome even these obstructions.

We hope that this group service will be of interest to you as a means of empowering the trend towards group consciousness. It is also a way for each of us to learn more about the Problems of Humanity in the modern world and contribute to the thoughtform of their solution. Despite the new problems that face us all, fundamentally, they all share the same roots of separativeness, materialism, desire and greed that have plagued humanity down the ages. Through the pain engendered by this wrong orientation, humanity is now collectively turning round to face the spiritual kingdoms of nature and tentatively taking the first steps on the path of light that leads towards them. The present cycle of conferences provides the opportunity to spiritually empower this process.

The Will-to-Good of the world knowers is the magnetic seed of the future

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