2011 #1 - The Spirit of Money and the Divine Circulatory Flow

On November 6th 2010, World Goodwill held its annual Seminar/Symposium at its three centres: London, New York and Geneva. The topic was The Spirit of Money and the Divine Circulatory Flow. There are so many angles from which one could approach this topic, so fundamental to modern society, that even with meetings in all three centres, it was only possible to scratch the surface. But the point of these meetings is not to gain a comprehensive understanding of the technical side of money. Rather it is to contribute to re-evaluating the role of money within our own lives, and within the wider world.

Some of the key issues which emerged were: the importance of right sharing and distribution of the world’s resources; the moral hazards involved in dealing with money, because it is a proxy for real goods; the centrality of circulation as a concept in modern finance; the need to recognise personal responsibility with regard to money; the way in which money creation by banks automatically promotes global economic growth, and therefore consumption of resources, at a time when we should instead be seeking to reduce our consumption of resources; how various alternative forms of money such as local currencies can help solve problems in the circulation of money, especially in “non-productive” areas of the economy such as health care and education; the need to free ourselves from material desire; the fact that the eradication of poverty, and global peace and security, are intimately intertwined; the positive impact of microcredit within developing countries; the need for imagination and intuition to visualise a new economic system; and the importance of gratitude.

As this partial list shows, the right use of money is both a material and a spiritual issue. This is inevitable, in a time when the energy of synthesis is welding together the spiritual and the material ever more closely. Matter is becoming increasingly sensitive to every fluctuation of consciousness, whether for good or ill. Thus, with increasing urgency, we are called upon to give concrete forms to the highest Ideas we are able to contact. The right use of money is an essential part of this process, for even the subtlest patterns of consciousness have to receive some form of concrete embodiment if they are to create positive social change.

Because this is such an important topic, this issue of the newsletter is devoted to reports on the meetings, along with some information about groups who are working to redeem humanity’s use of money.

Seminar/Symposium reports

At the meetings in London, New York and Geneva contributors from World Goodwill and guest speakers reflected upon the theme of The Spirit of Money and the Divine Circulatory Flow

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New Initiatives in Finance and Economics

A resources of selected of groups and individuals seeking new ways to work with the energy of money

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Interviews update

We would like to draw your attention to an update in our interviews section. Chintamani Yogi is a citizen of Nepal who is actively engaged in seeking to better conditions in his homeland.

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