Techniques of Goodwill

World Goodwill is pleased to announce the updating and re-publication of its booklet, Techniques of Goodwill. Focusing on such timeless principles as Unity, Creativity and Sharing, this booklet presents a series of reflections on how goodwill can be nurtured and practically applied in service in any circumstance. Also included is a meditation on goodwill. To quote from the text: “The potency of goodwill derives from its own essential nature – it is an aspect of divine love, and divine love is the most powerful energy on the planet. It is said that goodwill is as much of the energy of true love as humanity, at its present stage of evolution, can respond to and express in practical terms. By using it deliberately and scientifically, humanity will be able to solve the urgent world problems with which it is faced and establish right human relationships.”

To order a printed copy, please contact us. Alternatively, the text can be read online.

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