2012 #2

The Spiritual Side of Austerity

Economic austerity may be a “blessing in disguise”. If we consider the path of the self-chosen renunciation of material wealth for spiritual purposes, there may be important lessons that will help humanity avoid the extremes of luxury and poverty which currently afflict the world.

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While the force of circumstance, both individual and global, can sometimes seem to severely constrain our ability to determine our own fate, the inner freedom to choose our response to circumstance can lead to a recognition of the part which every individual plays in the evolution of human consciousness, and the responsibility to use this in service to the whole.

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“R-evolution: Taking the Pulse of the World’s Consciousness” – a film from the World Servers Foundation (available on request from their website, www.worldserversfoundation.org)

The Science Delusion: Freeing the Spirit of Enquiry by Rupert Sheldrake. Coronet Books (Hodder & Stoughton). Hardback 392 pages. www.hodder.co.uk

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One of the simplest molecules in the universe, combining two of its most common elements, hydrogen and oxygen, is water. By weight it composes over half of every human being, and is essential for all organic life. Despite its simplicity, some of the properties of water are highly unusual – a well-known example is the fact that ice is actually less dense than liquid water. This vital fluid has attracted a number of investigators over the years: an early pioneer was the Austrian Viktor Schauberger, who explored the nature of vortices in water. Recent work which looks at the electrical properties of water is currently underway at the University of Washington, under the leadership of Dr. Gerald Pollack, Professor of Bioengineering. His work challenges a number of scientific orthodoxies, including the notion that positive and negative electrical charges can remain separated in water.

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World Goodwill is pleased to announce the upcoming release of a commentary on The Child. It features reflections on the innate spirituality of the young, the changing attitudes to children through the ages, right techniques of raising and educating children, and the significance of children for future world transformation.

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The Mantram of the New Group of World Servers

Men and women of goodwill link up in thought every day at five o'clock with this world group of servers, using this mantram with dedication and silent, focussed attention. This can be done in a few seconds of time wherever one may be.

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World Invocation Day

World Invocation Day is a world day of prayer when men and women of every spiritual path join in a universal appeal to divinity and use the Great Invocation.

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