Esoteric Aspects of Thought-form Building

In the works of Alice Bailey, the process of creating a concept, or "building a thought-form" is viewed as a deeply esoteric magical act*. We are, quite literally, talking about the construction of a form in the subtle matter of the mental plane. This form can then take an emotional body, and an etheric body, and go on to produce an impact in the three worlds of human evolution. While anyone who thinks is engaged in this process all the time, this is usually in an undisciplined and incoherent fashion. Most thought-forms are copied, with varying degrees of accuracy, from pre-existing forms, made either by the thinker, or by other thinkers, e.g. friends and family, co-religionists, media commentators etc.. Very few thought-forms are entirely new and original, as most people, most of the time, are quite happy to go along with the general flow of human thought-life. In one sense, this is fine, as the human tendency to conserve and repeat useful forms of thinking is what gives persistence to societies and civilisations. However, at times like these, when multiple global problems threaten to undermine the very basis for civilised life, the need for new forms of thought becomes more urgent.

The Problems of Humanity Discussion Forums offer a way to contribute to creating these new forms of thinking in a group context. By jointly focusing our thoughts on a specific issue, we can hope to touch greater heights of inspiration; and a diversity of minds can offer a wider selection of viewpoints on one idea. The group thought-forms which we build can become magnetic beacons of intuitive wisdom, energising new forms of service. Thus we can help precipitate the emerging evolutionary Plan.

* The fifteen rules for thought-form building form the basis for the book "A Treatise on White Magic" and are also discussed more briefly in "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire".

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