Some ideas for working with the Problems of Humanity Study Course

  • Select a book related to the problem under discussion and designate one or more members of the group to produce a report for the group with a particular emphasis on the essential spiritual principles underlying the ideas in the book; consider doing the same for a periodical or a web site or a film, a work of art, or perhaps some recent scientific discovery/invention (for example, recent advances in genetics)
  • Prepare a thematic list of web sites, mailing lists or discussion groups which relate to the problem in question; again, seek to extract the spiritual significance of the work, its relation to the world of meaning and causes and its possible connection with incoming energies
  • Look out for emerging new terminology that is clothing new spiritual ideas on the verge of precipitation into public consciousness; seek to find correspondences between these terms and the language of spiritual and esoteric sources with which you are familiar, including the Bailey books
  • Identify ways in which servers are impressing and expressing new ideas, so aiding humanity to understand the emerging ideals which must govern the Aquarian Age (cf. seed thought of the meditation Strengthening the Hands of the New Group of World Servers, available from World Goodwill)
  • Discuss to what extent the ideas and activities of prominent serving groups and individuals resonate with the Laws and Principles proposed in Discipleship in the New Age Vol. II p.237 as characteristic of the new group; and also whether these groups and individuals are demonstrating the great energy of synthesis
  • Seek to place the activities of servers within the context of the new group and of the Plan as a whole, thus developing a synthetic viewpoint; and at the same time, reflect upon their possible affiliation with one or other of the ten seed groups considered in A Treatise on the 7 Rays Vol. II pp.174 and The Externalisation of the Hierarchy pp.26 ff, so analysing the diversity which is united by synthetic purpose


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