Problems of Humanity - the book

Alice Bailey does not state a political answer to humanity's problems. She does not suggest the forms of exterior social order humanity should impose upon itself. Nor does she suggest the form of the new world religion. The book and this course present a spiritual perspective on specific problems, and upon the world situation as a whole. The light of this inclusive view reveals the crisis of wrong attitudes and wrong values which lies at the heart of every problem. Greed, ignorance, selfishness and self-interest are the root cause of the distortion in human relationships which manifests as poverty, the arms race, racism or any other of our critical social ills.

Although this book was written as long ago as 1947, and the problems, in the interim, have changed in detail or emphasis to a certain extent, it is recommended reading because the principles for solution remain the same. To learn more about the book and/or purchase it, click here [Order online]


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