The importance of meditation

The Problems of Humanity course has been created in the hope that it will lead to two important results:

1. Help us find our right field of service in the world (if we have not already done so).

2. Help in the creation of a "thoughtform of solution" in human consciousness which will aid in bringing about right human relations.

In this work it is essential that we reject a superficial interpretation of events and search instead for the underlying causes. This will call for an ability to penetrate into the world of meaning and to transmit the lighted understanding and direction of the soul, via the mind, into our everyday awareness.

The thoughtful consideration and meditative attitude of thousands of sincere people striving to find a solution to humanity's problems in terms of right human relations, provides a "bridging vehicle", subjectively, between mankind and its spiritual source. This opens the mind to spiritual impression, bringing clarification, insight and understanding.

Readers may wish to experiment with meditation, so as to aid more effectively in the construction of this bridge. A proposed form of meditation is included. Each problem has a "seed thought" for inclusion in the meditation work. If the appropriate seed thought is considered in relation to the materials and is taken into the daily meditation work, it becomes literally a "seed" which can germinate, grow and blossom with creative ideas....

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